North Korean Refugee Yeonmi Park to Speak Ahead of Book Release

Human rights worker and activist Yeonmi Park will be speaking on her amazing story of courage and survival at a lecture on October 5th at DePauw University.

Park’s work in human rights has been noted by BBC broadcasting, who has placed her name in their list of their “Top 100 Global Women.” Her book, published by Penguin Press “In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey To Freedom”, goes on sale later this month.

Yeonmi Park was moved to action when she viewed a bootleg copy of “Titanic”. She was inspired by the concept of a person dying for the love of another person, and not giving her life for the good of the state. It opened her eyes to a new way of thinking and human dignity.

The escape of Park from the oppressive police state was fraught with peril. Unbeknownst to Park, her sister defected before them, and snuck out of the country by herself, leaving Park and her mother to escape by themselves. When they reached South Korea, she could not find her sister and surmised that she perished in her attempt.

While escaping, the mother of Park was forcibly raped by one of the underground smugglers who they had utilized in their escape attempt. He blackmailed Park’s mother and threatened to expose them both if she didn’t comply. Park had to witness her mother being raped by the very people who were assisting her escape.

Although Park, her mother and her sister successfully escaped, her father shared a different fate. A former high ranking government employee, he was arrested and convicted by North Korean officials for illegally dealing in precious metals in an attempt to raise money to feed his family. Park’s father was given a sentence of 17 years of hard labor for his crimes, and tortured during his incarceration. During his prison sentence, he became seriously ill, and was allowed a early release from jail on medical grounds. He quickly surmised that if his family continued in this manner, they would all die of starvation. It was the stark reality of death that led him to decide to get his family out of North Korea. Too sick to travel the journey himself, he stayed behind, and died of colon cancer a few years later.

The story of Park, and her quest for a free life is an amazing story, and I highly recommend her book and reading more about it if you have a chance. You can find more about it, her book and her lecture at the DePauw website.

FreedomPop Has A Great Unlimited Cell Phone Service Plan

I’m always looking for ways to save money, and I think I found the best way of all. I was with a service provider that was charging me over $200 for the cell phone service that me and my husband were using. I couldn’t believe the cost, but we had great Internet service, and we had unlimited talk time. The only problem with the service is that it was costing too much money, and we were looking to cut back on our expenses. I had no idea how we were going to cut back and save money, but I knew that the cell phones would have to go.

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With the unlimited plan from FreedomPop we both get unlimited phone calls, text messages, and we get unlimited Internet as well. I know that it’s only 1 GB of 4G speed, but 3G speed is just fine with me because I don’t sit and watch videos on my phone, I only surf the Internet. I can’t believe that such a plan exists, and now instead of spending $200 a month for both of our plans, we’ll only spend $40 a month. I never knew we could ever save so much money on our cell phone service. With the FreedomPop cell phone service, anyone can save a lot of money, especially if they choose to get the free services from FreedomPop. The free services are money savers, and they are convenient for those who need them.

Purina PetCare Believes that Pets are Important

There are many who love the pets that are in their lives and who seek to honor those pets in every way that they can, and Purina News PetCare supports that. There are some who would spend every minute of every day with their pets if they could, and Purina PetCare believes that that is a good idea. This brand has supported the opportunity that has come up for some individuals to take their pets to work with them, and the brand believes that pets are truly an important part of the lives of those who own them. This brand believes that pets are special, important, and to be appreciated.

Purina PetCare knows that all dogs and cats are special animals, and that they all deserve the kind of love and attention that the best pet owners give to them. This brand believes that pet owners should spend as much time with their pets as they possibly can, and they believe that the time that the two spend together is beneficial to both of them. When it comes to the love and attention that is due an animal, Purina PetCare believes that pet owners should give their all and then some.

There are pet food brands out there that don’t really care about the pets that they are making food for and that fail to understand the power of pets, but Purina PetCare is not one of those brands. This brand believes that pets are important and that pet owners should appreciate their pets. This brand believes that all pets are deserving of the best care and all of the time and attention that pet owners can give to them. This brand understands the power that animals possess, and it appreciates those animals for all that they are and all that they can do.

The Favorite Brazilian Writers’ Contribution

Brazilians pride themselves in the number of their talented writers. In 2012, the well-known literary magazine Granta selected 20 authors during the International Literary Festival of Paraty for their “The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists” issue. During the selection, the magazine revealed that they were amazed by the number of talented writers that the country had nurtured. Brazil has a vibrant and diverse team of passionate young writers. Many of them have been published both locally and abroad and won major literary awards.

One of the 20 writers is Laura Erber. On Facebook, users say this youthful author was born in Rio de Janeiro, and is a writer of short stories, poetry, and essays and is a visual artist. One of her major poetry books is Os corps e os dias (2008). It was shortlisted for the Jabuti Award. Miguel Del Castillo was also selected. Castillo was also born in Rio de Janeiro. He currently lives in Sao Paulo, where he works as an editor at the publishing house Cosac Naify. This young Brazilian has also been an architecture and culture editor of Noz Magazine and has received the Prose for his short story Carta para Ana and the Paulo Britto Award for Poetry. Granta also featured J.P.Cuenca as a talented Brazilian writer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he has contributed to numerous anthologies in Brazil and across international boundaries. Cuenca has authored three novels and has had them published in Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

While the contribution of the writers in advancing the interest of the society is unquestionable, there are some writers who deserve appreciation for their exemplary work but did not feature among the 20. Jaime Garcia Dias is one of them. He is a youthful writer who has published over ten books, won many literary awards, and mentored many young professionals and students to become like him. Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro to Garcia Dulce Dias, who was an architect, and Arnaldo Dias, who was a prominent journalist and writer. He started writing short stories before going to school. By the age of 15, Dias had written and published his first book himself. In 2001, he had published ten books, and it is in this year that his most famous book, “Fell from Heaven”, won the White Crane Award.

Another remarkable new voice in Brazilian literature is Adriana Lisboa, born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro and resides in Colorado. Her literature works focus on Brazilian characters moving in languages and cultures other than Portuguese and Brazil. Losboa documents her experiences of traveling and interacting with other cultures. Her interests to explore the attachment to Brazil and understand the country’s history and politics come out clearly in the insightful novels. Crow Blue (2014) is Lisboa’s most recent literary work to appear in English.

Handy’s Rapid Success Is The Result Of An Effective Business Model

New York City’s leading company, Handy is on a mission to spread
prominent cleaning services to many individuals worldwide. Recently,
this premier incorporation brought West Coast Cleaning company, Exec,
for about $10 million and is always seeking additional business
opportunities. Their deep interest in rapid international expansion is
facilitated through a new and revolutionized branding system which
includes a user-friendly mobile app and website. This easily
accessible online platform provides a comprehensive database of
cleaning professionals in the desired area. Currently, this renowned
company is functioning in over twenty cities in the United States, two
in Canada, and one in Europe. Remarkably, as the premier housekeeping
service, Handy’s business model is clearly profitable even after just
two years of operation.

Handy’s extremely enticing online interface is attracting a variety of
individuals in multiple regions around the world. Although the
housekeeping industry is over saturated with many cleaning
professionals, the company’s practical mobile application is quickly
exceeding competitor expectations. Notably, this revolutionized
technological enhancement is targeted to both consumers and employees
who appreciate quick booking through a hassle free scheduling system.
Patrons will receive confirmation of their cleaning date while the
freelancers gain instant compensation after their services are
completed. Undeniably, Handy truly understands the needs involving the
supply and demand in the economy and strives to support this
marketplace by providing convenient housekeeping offerings.
In addition to maintaining tangible cleaning service options through
an accessible online application.

Handy’s long-term success is influenced by an efficient business plan. Currently, the company’s model entices a diverse group of workers because of their competitive
compensation packages. This dependable and tax deductible pay is
appreciated by many employees as the checks allow them to obtain
credit for future big purchases like a house or car. To qualify for
the generous packages, the company performs background and references
checks after the rigorous in-person interview. Remarkably, despite
the thousands of applications which are submitted, only 3 percent are
accepted for a cleaning position. Because Handy workers are most
interested in reliable gigs with quick payment, the company adheres to
a strict employment process. After the application procedure is
completed, many employees describe their work experience as having an
ATM in their pocket.

Today, Handy remains the premier housekeeping company in the United
States and looks forward to expanding more internationally. Unlike
traditional cleaning services, the company’s uniqueness lies in a
application which facilitates booking services and trustworthy
payment. Moreover, the company also offers a money back guarantee if
the consumer isn’t satisfied with their housecleaning. Soon, this
platform will launch in more countries abroad as the business has
already established operations in Canada and Europe. Ultimately,
Handy’s mission is to outsmart the cleaning operations that are known
to provide under-the-table cash coupled with mysterious freelance
workers. Moreover, just recently, this renowned company is also
exploring service options beyond just home or office cleaning. But for
now, a large portion of Handy’s revenue is from their housekeeping operation.

When You Need a Hand With Cleaning Think Handy Home Cleaning Services

Today more than ever finding time to do simple tasks at home are becoming more complicated by the day. With work and all the other things that are associated with everyday life on average over half of your day is spent just getting to and from work and at work. This doesn’t leave much time for cleaning your home or office. Let alone time for any of those DYI chores that you had in mind such as cleaning bathroom in the basement or adding flower boxes to the exterior of your home.

What if Ordering These Services Was as Easy as the Push of a Button?

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish there were a way that I can order these services without having to spend all day online to do so. Having to check backgrounds to make sure that companies are legit before you let them into your home or office. If this question has ever come across your mind then here is an answer to that question you have to ask yourself.

Take a Look at Handybook

Candy book does just that for you, it allows you the ability to order plumbing, handyman, or home cleaning service at the touch the button on your iPhone. Critics out there have called this number of home maintenance. Their service offers you the convenience and flexibility of deciding what rooms you need clean when you need them cleaned and how much you will pay for them. By entering your zip code and this information, you will get a price quote that includes all gratuity. You only accept the work if you agree on the price. Only then will your card that is on file with Handy book be charged. They take all of the guesswork out of it for you by making sure all of their employees that sign up with the service passing rigorous background verification before being added to the Handybook directory.

Taking Cleaning Services Into the Future

By providing exceptional service on an extraordinary level, Handybook gives customers what they needed when they needed in today’s busy world. Time is a valuable thing that they say you can’t buy more of. This is not true if you do not spend hours cleaning your home or doing home repairs those are hours you have to do other things. So in essence by using Handybooks convenient service you are buying yourself time to do other things that you would enjoy that would have been consumed by these projects. So make time to buy yourself some time today and download the handy book app so that you can get your cleaning handyman or plumbing services at the touch of a button today! They working hard to build your trust Handybook will become the number one service provider when it comes to home cleaning. People are tired of going through countless cleaning services to either be overcharged for poor cleaning, have things come up missing, or cleaning services that don’t show. All of this can be avoided thanks to the ingenious idea of Handybook.

Joseph Bismark: Constantly Learning


One sure sign of humility is to be someone that is always learning. As a matter of fact, if one is honest with himself, he is always learning. I definitely believe that. This article on Joseph Bismark that I have read from the WordPress blog called Newsom Thing Was going on hints at that with the remark that Joseph Bismark is a life long learner. These people are teachable. Joseph Bismark is not only a successful businessman and a spiritual guru, but he is also someone who is open to new ideas. These new ideas can bring about needed growth in business. 

Joseph Bismark is not a prideful person who won’t listen to any idea. He is also not a rigid person. He understands the importance of flexibility and adaptability for the success of a business. Mostly, he values the company of others and demonstrates a belief in the potential for greatness. He understands that he is no greater than others and does not consider himself any better. He also recommends that others see the potential in everyone. He also treats everyone accordingly which encourages others to work diligently towards their actualization. This is one very attractive trait of Joseph Bismark’s.

Even with his humility, he shows a lot of confidence in his work. Confidence is very important in success. However, confidence does not believe that he walks around like he is the king of everyone. The way he demonstrates confidence is that he is confident in humanity as a whole. He treats others as such. Even people that show a lack of respect towards others will get kindness and encouragement from him. He doesn’t just tell others to do something. He actually acts on what he tells others to do as an example. After all, example is more powerful than words.

Unique Traits To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Have you ever given it a thought of how our economy would be without entrepreneurs? Well consider this and you will realize how important they are and the contributions they make to the U.S economy. As per the IRS indexes, only 11% of business tax returns would be filed from other ventures apart from family-owned businesses. 82 million people (62% of labor) would be jobless/ unemployed in the absence of entrepreneurial enterprises. Only 25% of net jobs would be available in the entire country, and almost 36% of gross domestic product would be produced from other types of businesses. The economy would be endangered without the kinds of companies established and managed by entrepreneurs.

Leaving that behind, entrepreneurs are tough people who have distinct traits that make them who they are and where they are. Many successful entrepreneurs share so many characteristics. If you are one, you can compare your characteristics with the ones explained later. It doesn’t matter if you have all the traits or not. Do not chafe if you do not possess all the characteristics since some of them can be learned from successful businesspeople and through the inner drive for achieving your individual goals. Some of the traits that enable entrepreneurs reach greater heights include planning your venture on how to establish, grow and maintain it. Planning helps to achieve the goals set for any business. Being confident and hardworking are other important traits to being a successful entrepreneur. Exemplary entrepreneurs work at least 50hours a week to attain their goals. They believe in themselves and they can complete a difficult task on time and within the required budget.

Business people like Marc Sparks are risk takers, putting into consideration that they are not extreme risk takers. They are self-reliant and the always know that it is there job to perform the most complex tasks even when other executives wouldn’t dare. They involve other parties to prosper with them. They have a win-win ideology putting in mind that the long-term business partnership cannot be based on a win-lose perception. Entrepreneurs also manage the business’ cash flow wisely. They manage the money in a way that they pay all the expenses and ensure that income is still generated.

marc sparks
From Marc Sparks’ Twitter
With only an average C+ from high school, Marc Sparks has grown manifold in the investment sector and is now a serial entrepreneur. He started from nothing and now owns sixty diverse startups. Among his portfolios are six active companies and he levels an onboarding of a latest company and a diversified seasoned company annually. He narrates his journey to success in his book “They Can’t Eat You” and his primary objective for the book is to empower other entrepreneurs across the world by providing them with essential knowledge.

Organo Gold: Coffee That is More Than Coffee


There is no denying that coffee is big business in North America and around the world. For Organo Gold, coffee is the primary business. This fast-growing global company markets premium gourmet coffee, but it’s not the usual kind. Organo Gold has a unique ingredient: Ganoderma lucidum.

The secret is out, and that’s the way the company wants it. Bernardo T. Chua, the founder of Organo Gold, is a Filipino man with a mission: “to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world.” Chua has known about Ganoderma for a long time. Now, he wants to share his knowledge with the rest of the world.

What is Ganoderma Lucidum?

Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom species that grows on dead and living trees in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Just as Organo Gold is no ordinary coffee, Ganoderma is no ordinary fungus. The unique mushroom has medicinal properties that border on supernatural.

Ganoderma is known as the “King of Herbs” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Some people call it by its Chinese name, Lingzhi, and others by it’s Japanese name, Reishi. Ancient practitioners used the mushroom as preventative medicine to protect the body, increase vitality and promote longevity.

Ganoderma lucidum functions as an aid for the digestive system and immune system. It’s a popular liver cleansing agent, and its antioxidant properties fight infection and disease. Herbalists use the mushroom to treat allergies, joint pain, ulcers and inflammation. Medical science studies its effects on hepatitis, cancer and other diseases.

Active Ingredients in Ganoderma

People who drink Organo Gold coffee enjoy health benefits alongside bold flavors. Ganoderma is ground into a powder and used in all of the company’s product lines. In addition to gourmet coffee, the Organo Gold markets green tea and other organic beverages, nutritional supplements, personal care products and more.

Polysaccharides, triterpenes and minerals like selenium are active ingredients in Ganoderma lucidum. Organo Gold uses only certified organic mushrooms, which it grinds into a powder using advanced technology to release these “treasures of the earth.” These natural compounds act to strengthen the immune system, protect internal organs and improve overall health.

The Complicated World of New York City Real Estate

New York is one of the wold’s largest metropolitan areas. Roughly twenty million people have chosen to make this area of their home. Millions of others visit New York City each from all over the world. Those who want or need to live here will find that the region has many kinds of housing choices including townhouses, apartments, two family houses and standard single family houses. The right kind of housing for any given person will vary depending on multiple factors including the number of people in their family, where they are going to work or attend school as well as the kind of amenities that they want from the area of New York City where they make their home.

Anyone who is planning to live here will need to have a basic understanding of the area. The region is divided into five boroughs and three states. People may choose to live in nearby New Jersey or Connecticut and commute into New York City for work or to attend school. However, many people who are going to move to this region want to be able to live in New York. Doing so can help make any commute easier as well as make it easier for residents to take advantage of the area’s many museums and other attractions such as beaches and area theater.

Many people are drawn to the ideal of living in Manhattan. Manhattan is the center of the New York City area, a place where many regional activities take place. Working with a professional such as someone at TOWN Real Estate can help make the process of finding NYC luxury real estate easier and allow the person looking for an apartment to explore all of their potential options. The apartment market in New York City is quite varied and it may take a person multiple visits before finding both the right neighborhood and the right apartment for their specific needs.

The right apartment in New York City is one that allows the person to make sure that they have a bedroom of their own as well as easy access to a nearby subway to facilitate traveling around the region. Many people realize that they may need to make certain compromises in order to find the ideal apartment for their needs. This may mean taking an apartment that is a slightly longer distance from a subway line in order to help save money on rent or renting an apartment with fewer rooms than desired in order to live in a neighborhood that they find attractive. Those who are able to remain flexible during their search here will often find that it relatively easy to find the best real estate for them.

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