Unique Traits To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Have you ever given it a thought of how our economy would be without entrepreneurs? Well consider this and you will realize how important they are and the contributions they make to the U.S economy. As per the IRS indexes, only 11% of business tax returns would be filed from other ventures apart from family-owned businesses. 82 million people (62% of labor) would be jobless/ unemployed in the absence of entrepreneurial enterprises. Only 25% of net jobs would be available in the entire country, and almost 36% of gross domestic product would be produced from other types of businesses. The economy would be endangered without the kinds of companies established and managed by entrepreneurs.

Leaving that behind, entrepreneurs are tough people who have distinct traits that make them who they are and where they are. Many successful entrepreneurs share so many characteristics. If you are one, you can compare your characteristics with the ones explained later. It doesn’t matter if you have all the traits or not. Do not chafe if you do not possess all the characteristics since some of them can be learned from successful businesspeople and through the inner drive for achieving your individual goals. Some of the traits that enable entrepreneurs reach greater heights include planning your venture on how to establish, grow and maintain it. Planning helps to achieve the goals set for any business. Being confident and hardworking are other important traits to being a successful entrepreneur. Exemplary entrepreneurs work at least 50hours a week to attain their goals. They believe in themselves and they can complete a difficult task on time and within the required budget.

Business people like Marc Sparks are risk takers, putting into consideration that they are not extreme risk takers. They are self-reliant and the always know that it is there job to perform the most complex tasks even when other executives wouldn’t dare. They involve other parties to prosper with them. They have a win-win ideology putting in mind that the long-term business partnership cannot be based on a win-lose perception. Entrepreneurs also manage the business’ cash flow wisely. They manage the money in a way that they pay all the expenses and ensure that income is still generated.

marc sparks
From Marc Sparks’ Twitter
With only an average C+ from high school, Marc Sparks has grown manifold in the investment sector and is now a serial entrepreneur. He started from nothing and now owns sixty diverse startups. Among his portfolios are six active companies and he levels an onboarding of a latest company and a diversified seasoned company annually. He narrates his journey to success in his book “They Can’t Eat You” and his primary objective for the book is to empower other entrepreneurs across the world by providing them with essential knowledge.

The Complicated World of New York City Real Estate

New York is one of the wold’s largest metropolitan areas. Roughly twenty million people have chosen to make this area of their home. Millions of others visit New York City each from all over the world. Those who want or need to live here will find that the region has many kinds of housing choices including townhouses, apartments, two family houses and standard single family houses. The right kind of housing for any given person will vary depending on multiple factors including the number of people in their family, where they are going to work or attend school as well as the kind of amenities that they want from the area of New York City where they make their home.

Anyone who is planning to live here will need to have a basic understanding of the area. The region is divided into five boroughs and three states. People may choose to live in nearby New Jersey or Connecticut and commute into New York City for work or to attend school. However, many people who are going to move to this region want to be able to live in New York. Doing so can help make any commute easier as well as make it easier for residents to take advantage of the area’s many museums and other attractions such as beaches and area theater.

Many people are drawn to the ideal of living in Manhattan. Manhattan is the center of the New York City area, a place where many regional activities take place. Working with a professional such as someone at TOWN Real Estate can help make the process of finding NYC luxury real estate easier and allow the person looking for an apartment to explore all of their potential options. The apartment market in New York City is quite varied and it may take a person multiple visits before finding both the right neighborhood and the right apartment for their specific needs.

The right apartment in New York City is one that allows the person to make sure that they have a bedroom of their own as well as easy access to a nearby subway to facilitate traveling around the region. Many people realize that they may need to make certain compromises in order to find the ideal apartment for their needs. This may mean taking an apartment that is a slightly longer distance from a subway line in order to help save money on rent or renting an apartment with fewer rooms than desired in order to live in a neighborhood that they find attractive. Those who are able to remain flexible during their search here will often find that it relatively easy to find the best real estate for them.

Choosing the Perfect New Jersey Apartment Rental

Choosing an apartment in New Jersey should not be a decision you rush to make. This will be your home, after all, and you want it to be a special place where your heart feels comfortable and content. Many factors should be included in your decision. Finding the perfect apartment does take time, but it is well-worth the results when you have an astonishing place to call home.

Price of the apartment is, of course, one of the biggest factors coming into play when choosing your new home. The average price of a studio apartment statewide is $1,720 monthly, while the cost of one, two or three bedrooms increases that rate by $200 – $400 per bedroom. Obviously there are apartments both higher and lower than these amounts, so you need to first budget to help determine the rental rate you can comfortably pay each month, and then begin your search for the perfect apartment based on your ability to pay.

Location is important. Choose an apartment in a good neighborhood with schools, parks, supermarkets and other nearby attractions. Sometimes it is worth paying a little more to get an apartment in a phenomenal location. Amenities offered at the apartment are also important. Do you need washer/ dryer hookups, an on-site laundry facility or a fitness center? Amenities can make a world of difference in your apartment becoming your home. Are pets allowed? If you are a pet owner then obviously you want a pet-friendly community. Bear in mind an additional deposit may be required if you own a pet.

Why not make life easy and choose Aspire Apartments as your new home? These accommodating New Brunswick luxury apartments will make any king and queen (and their minions) feels right at home. You can enjoy amenities which include large and spacious one-bedroom floor plans, two green roofs for resident use, a state-of-the-art fitness center, convenient New Brunswick location close to great schools, restaurants and attractions, and a whole lot more.

Slyce – The Fun Way To Shop

Slyce is a company that provides you easy connection to clients visually. It’s sort of a skype-hype type of deal. Every now and then we all like to see who we are purchasing to without the expenses of travel. Slyce can make that happen to give business an easy going aspect that makes the headache go away for those of us who like things done the easy way. Slyce has a click-option-seek prospect that makes life on the other end of the spectrum simplified. Doing business with Slyce can slice your business time in half with it’s innovative way to connect with the other-half.

Giving you the best in the market Slyce gives you the option to find the brands you love with the snap of the finger on your smartphone to search for those brands that bring a smile to your face everyday. In this world the pursuit of happiness almost always has to be exactly that: pursued. Why not let Slyce – slice your product recognition shopping time in half.

In a fun and easy way Slyce makes the shopping world a breeze with snapping those pictures of your favorite brands allowing you to find an easier search option for the things you need right away, at the moment, or just for fun. You can never go wrong with Slyce. Slyce really does cut your time in half and makes shopping a more delightful experience.

For those who are new to the shopping world Slyce can make you not want to turn back to the regular old shopping habits of going in and out of stores all day long to search for the things you need. Doing things the way others do it can be a bore sometimes. Let Slyce spice things up with a new fun way to shop.

Modern Technology and Recognizing Images

Our technology has come a long way. Social media started as a way of sharing pictures and has skyrocketed into a mainstream form of communication. A huge part of this mainstream communication is our use of pictures. Pictures are used in almost every social media post, article, and blog post. Pictures are an extremely easy way to tag a photo and new technology is making it easier than ever to recognize pictures.

One of the leading companies in the image recognition field is a company named Slyce. Some people refer to Slyce as the Shazaam of shopping. Slyce allows you to take images, and find the actual products online that match the picture you submitted. Slyce utilizes image recognition technology to match users images to pages that allow the user to purchase the actual product. Slyce uses its technology with 6 of the top 20 retailers in the United States including Neiman Marcus. Slyce has established itself at the top of the image recognition field. As more people become aware of this technology more companies are vying for a piece of the pie. Slyce continues to dominate the field, and has since it was launched in 2013.

Companies like Slyce are changing the way we do business. Instead of looking up things in a traditional manner, we can use the thousands of images we come across to help us find things. Companies have tried for years to perfect the technology, and until recently much of the image recognition software was flawed and made many mistakes.

Image recognition technology has a lot of potential. As companies become more aware of this, we will see a rise in the use of image recognition technology. There are thousands of different ways the technology can be applied and only time will tell what is to come.

Purina PetCare is the Best in Pet Food Quality

Purina Petcare is the pet subsidiary of Nestle. Purina Petcare sales and markets pet food, treats and litter products for the furry members of our families. The subsidiary was created in 2001 and consists of the following brands; Purina Pro Plan, Friskies, Purina Dog Chow, Purina ONE, Beneful and more. Purina Petcare was created by combining Ralston Purina and the Nestlé’s Friskies Petcare Company.

Some of their product lines that you may be familiar with are ALPO, Beneful, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Purina Cat Chow, Purina Dog Chow, Purina ONE and Tidy Cats. At Purina Petcare, your pet is their passion. That is why they provide products that are high in nutrition, quality and made with the same love and care you would show your furry friends.

The employees at Purina Petcare are as passionate about pets as you are. That is why they started bringing out the news about a bring your pet to work open door policy and have started the #PETSATWORK MOVEMENT. On their website, you can find more information for employers and employees on how you can make a bring your pet to work friendly environment in your workplace as well as share your pets at work stories and photos.

Purina has a team of over 400 scientists that are constantly working to improve the nutritional content and value of the brands that they sale. They are so dedicated to making sure their brands and products are the highest quality possible for your pet that they adhere to all federal (FDA) and state regulatory standards before leaving their plants. Pet food companies have the option of adhering to the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) guidelines but are not required to. At Purina, they meet all of those guidelines and standards. They don’t just meet them they exceed them.

With a quality of this magnitude, you can be sure that you when you purchase a Purina Petcare brand product that your pet is getting the best that they can.

The Monopoly Movie Gets A Writer

How do you turn an iconic board game into a movie? One method is turn it into a sci-fi adventure like they did with Battleship. Lionsgate and Hasbro have decided to take a different direction with the Monopoly film that they are currently working on.

In a story that can be seen here it is reported that Monopoly will be a family friendly adventure type movie. Even though the studio has released a brief synopsis it remains very vague beyond the fact that a young boy from the poor part of town will go on an adventure that loosely follows the action of the game. This is not surprising since the same article announced the selection of a writer for the script to be written, Andrew Niccol.

Instagram suggested the producer of the movie, Randall Emmett, has said previously that the movie will involve a treasure map of sorts and the hunt for the treasure. That combined with the young boy on an adventure makes it sound similar in plot to the Goonies. It should be interesting to see what direction the film takes as it gets further into development.

Jewish Rebound

The Washington Post released an article this week that questioned whether or not the Jewish population has bounced back from the events of the Holocaust. Estimates that were taken would suggest that Jewish citizens are still low in number compared to when their population peaked in 1939. There were more than 16.6 million Jewish citizens living in the world in 1939. Today that number is just 14,212,800 and would suggest that the Jewish population can still feel the effects of Hitler and his Nazi regime. Andy Wirth says the report was released by a think tank based in Jerusalem known as the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI). They originally said that Jewish citizens have reached close to 16.6 million today but many critics questioned their numbers. Professor Sergio DellaPergola is a well known expert in the demographics of Jewish citizens. Professor DellaPergola told the Times of Israel that these numbers are journalistic counterfeit and are a misunderstanding to say the least. People who were not born Jewish or who did not have direct relations with a Jewish citizen were tallied with the original data. This made the final number much broader than it actually was. DellaPergola questioned the JPPI and reminded them that Jewish laws and standards would not regard people who were not born of Jewish ancestry the title of being Jewish. The professor hopes to pair up with JPPI to get accurate numbers.

Miley Cyrus Loves Wearing Her Pasties

Miley Cyrus is well known for her controversial behavior, and many believe that her behavior is what has led her to be single. Miley Cyrus Comments About Her Pasties. Although Miley left Patrick Schwarzenegger, it’s believed that Patrick had a problem with some of Miley’s behavior. Miley seems to like to dress half naked when she goes on the road, and one thing she loves wearing are pasties. Although many people are calling her cheap, and some have even made fun of her sense of style, she has a reason why she likes to wear pasties.

Miley can sometimes be seen wearing pasties over her breasts, and they completely cover what it needs to, but people still talk about them. Miley believes that wearing pasties is somewhat empowering, and she would go without wearing a top at all if she legally could do so. Miley has been a big advocate of the “free the nipple” movement, in which many women are going topless. Folks at Amen Clinic know that many of these women feel that men shouldn’t be the only ones to be able to go without a top.

Leave it up to Miley Cyrus to be the leader in a movement that helps someone to live freely, and to do what they want to do. Miley has changed a lot over the years, ever since she stopped being Hannah Montana, and many are questioning her constant antics as well as her constant need for attention.

The Return of $100,000

The Girl Scouts of America are known for much more than their delicious cookie. The national program is known for holding themselves to high standards like look to show respect and dignity to any and all human beings. This past week a Western Washington Girl Scouts chapter returned a 100,000 dollar donation that they received after receiving the donation from a transphobic donor. After donating the money it initially came with a note stating that the donor does not want to support any transgendered girl scouts. If the troop did not feel comfortable with that they were more than welcome to return the donation and that is exactly what they did. That money could have gone to help 500 girls become Girl Scouts as well as paying for updated Girl Scout equipment and programs. Instead the troop decided to bite the bullet and returned the money without question. Leaders of the troop chronicled their story and released in on the internet so that they could serve as an inspiration for anyone who watched it. The troop has instead decided to reach out and ask for donations and has begun using the hashtag ‘For EVERY Girl,’ and Sam Tabar says it is so that people will know that the Girl Scouts don’t exclude any girl. Regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or gender identity, the Girl Scouts of America looks to make the world a better place one girl at a time.

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