Ohio World War II Veteran Is Told He Is Already Dead By The IRS

94 year old Siegfried Meinstein has been battling the IRS for an entire year in a bid to file his tax return as the Internal Revenue Service claims he is already dead, HNGN reports. Meinstein, a World War II veteran first encountered problems in April 2014 when his accountant attempted to file an Online tax return, Meinstein received a latter stating the main taxpayer was deceased from the IRS.

The problems with the IRS have continued and included a letter from the service claiming Meinstein should take up the matter with the Department of Social Services, as the problem lay with them. The World War II veteran then took his case to the Department of Social Services, where he was informed their system showed the 94 year old was very much alive. In an attempt to help the situation, the Department of Social Services even provided a letter stating their system showed Meinstein was alive, as of yet he has not been able to file taxes for the previous year or this.

Big thanks to Lee G. Lovett for pointing my toward this story.

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company is one of the world’s premier wine companies, supplying fine and rare wines since 1982. Based in London, the company has more than 20,000 clients, spanning 70 countries. Its cellars hold some of the best wines in the world, with 10,000 most sought after wines. It also touts the world record for the most valuable wine ever sold at £75,000 for the 1811 bottle of Chateau d’Yquem.

Its products are primarily comprised of contemporary vintage wines, while also offering a long list of rare, antique wines. In addition to its fine wines, the company also offers wine services related to buying rare wines from collectors and selling them to renowned wine connoisseurs. Such connoisseurs are in search of specific rare wines.
The Antique Wine Company also offers wine investment consulting and grading of wines through its AWC Wine Cap division. The division is a part of AWC Global, and provides services to those seeking advisement in wine investments. Because wine is considered an asset AWC also offers insurance coverage on investments between ION and AWC.

AWC also provides storage of wine, which involves monitoring, temperature and humidity controls, a safe place to store wine. Its other services involve wine catered events, such as weddings and special events. They offer unique services such as the professional concierge packages. One of the most notable examples of providing wines to special events involves the 1994 catered wine event, wherein AWC provided 70 year old vintage wine to the birthday event of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush.

In addition to fine wines, and AWC unique services, the company in partnership with Viscount David Linley also created the Grand Chateau Series. The series involved producing hand crafted wine cabinets containing vintage wines. A collection that included a 135 year vertical collection sold for $1.5 million, and included wine from 1860-2003. In 2011 the company also opened the Wine Academy, which focuses on wine classes and training experts in the field.

The company was founded by Stephen Williams, who remains the CEO. While its main office is in London, it also maintains two offices in Asia. They are experts in fine wines and manage several wine cellars throughout the world, including those in palaces and exclusive hotels. Its range of personal and corporate services, premier holdings, and clients throughout the world make the Antique Wine Company one of the most renowned in the world.

Research Finds Tackle Football Game Can Cause Cognitive Impairment for Players Below 12 Years Old

A Medicine University in Boston conducted a study and found out that there is link between diminished cognitive ability and football games played by children who are less than 12 years old. It was found that playing football at a very young age can cause impaired brain development, which manifests later in the child’s life.

The study was conducted on 42 previous NFL players. They were all in between 40 and 69 years of age. They were separated in two groups. The first group consists of players who started playing football before they reached 12 years old and the second group consists of those who started later. Both groups went through a series of tests, which include psychiatric evaluations and neuroimaging.

The results of the study proved that players who underwent repetitive head trauma prior to 12 years old were more likely have cognitive impairment during the later stage of their life. Brian Torchin read that the age of 12 was chosen by the researchers as the age boundary based on their previous study on adolescent brain development.

With the standard neurological assessment tests given, the researchers were able to determine a significant difference between both groups’ results. Those who started playing football prior to the age of 12 not only received lower scores but their scores are below the standard deviation.

Last year, the NFL tried to settle a lawsuit, which was filed by 5,000 previous football players, for $675 million. The judge rejected the deal as the amount offered was determined as not enough to substantially cover the cost of medical needs of former players who suffer from head injuries.

Fantastic Four Costumes Ground Series in Reality

New details are emerging about the upcoming Fantastic Four film. Nice to see Marvel is actually releasing information about a mega-budget film that is only six months away from release. Okay, sarcasm aside, word has it this new Fantastic Four film might have you yearning for the old films. You might even yearn for the unreleased .99 cent Roger Corman film from the 1990’s that was so bad it was never released.

Or, we could be being a bit prematurely harsh on the film.

Most definitely, this new take is going to be a bit more serious than any other version of the FF. A look at the costumes reveals an edgier tone. The team does not look fun or campy at all. In fact, the costumes really aren’t costumes. The look like tight fitting hazardous duty suits.

Fans like Brian Torchin of Topix.com wonder: What is going on here?

The look of the Fantastic Four suits is somewhat evocative of the Scarecrow and Bane from the Dark Knight films. The very minimalist approach to the costumes was an attempt to ground the characters into a gritty reality. This is the same approach the makers of the Fantastic Four are going for.

The trouble is, while Batman is a dark and gritty character, the Fantastic Four team is not. The FF’s charm is found in its whimsy. The Fantastic Four film seems to be going for the dark sci-fi approach and this may be a very wrong move.

A Lex Luthor for All Seasons

Jesse Eisenberg is an actor who does not want to distance himself from a role. The actor wishes to reprise his turn as Lex Luthor and for good reason. D.C. Comics is launching a cinematic universe on a grand scale. What actor wouldn’t want to remain a part of it?

How good of a Lex Luthor is Eisenberg? Fans like Marc Sparks will have to wait until the reveal of his performance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to answer that question. There really is no reason why Warner Bros. would replace him and it would be odd the actor would be hired to appear in one film and was not signed to a multi-film contract.

No one really knows what Eisenberg’s future in the D.C. films will be, but we should reasonably concur that Lex Luthor is going to play a major role in the events that unfold throughout the universe. Gene Hackman was great as Luthor in the Christopher Reeve films, but the bumbling character he plays was not like the evil, dangerous Lex Luthor of comic fame. In fairness, Luthor did become a bit silly in the books during the 1970’s for a time and this was not a good thing.

When Luthor became supremely evil and a major player in the grand scheme of the D.C. Universe, even casual comic book fans began to take a closer look at what was going on in Superman titles.

Hopefully, this is the Luthor we’ll see on screen.

We do have to wonder how many villains are going to be part of the film? Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and the KGBeast are all supposed to be in the movie. That’s a lot of bad guys for a single film.

Big Film Winners for the SAG Awards


The SAG awards do not actually have a “Best Picture” award when it comes to movies. Instead, it provides a “Best Ensemble” award, which is its equivalent. Now, this award does not always predict the Oscars, but it does point to who other actors believe put on the best overall performance for an entire cast. In this way, it is truly unique from the other awards, as there really cannot be a weak link in order to win this. While the television section is awarded based on a single performance, the Theatrical awards are based on the entire movie.

Patricia Arquette received the award for outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role for Boyhood while J.K. Simmons won the male actor supporting role award for Whiplash. The lead female actor award when to Julianne More for “Still Alice” while Eddie Redmayne won the award for “The Theory of Everything” in a somewhat surprise. However, the big award went to Birdman, as it won Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture over other nominated films including Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything.

It is important to note that all five of the movies nominated for outstanding performance by a cast, according to webnode.com, is also nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars, on top of Selma, American Sniper and Whiplash, although this has been an excellent year for award films. I am looking forward to, as well as my friends like Sergio Lins Andrade,  see if these awards will signal who wins an oscar this year.

Three Tips From Susan McGalla For Women

There are three things that Susan McGalla wants others to know about women in the world. Nearly half of the workforce right now is currently made up of women, but only 14.6% of the executive positions are occupied by women. This is partly due to the fact that men have structured the business world, but it also may have some to do with strategies not being used by women.

Higher Education For Women Is A Good Idea

For women to reach higher levels within an organization, it is a good idea to seek out higher education. The more education that one can show on their record, the better qualified they are going to look. The more education that one has also translates to more opportunities laying themselves out before the student. All people, and women in particular, should consider seeking higher education as a means of bettering their workplace status.

Confidence Is Underrated

Not enough people seem to realize just how important confidence is in the workplace. The more confident that one is in their own abilities, the more likely they are to do well in the workplace. They may find that as they show off more confidence, they are better able to advance in the workplace. It is something that most do not think about until they start to realize how much of a factor it often is in promotions.

The Glass Ceiling Should Be Ignored

The glass ceiling does exist, but that does not mean that you have to go to work as though it does. Those who are able to ignore the glass ceiling and put it behind themselves are probably better at advancing in the company and getting rid of the notion that they can’t make it. They can in fact make it, but it all starts with attitude.

For more on Susan McGalla, you can check out her CrunchBase profile and her thoughts on being both a woman and leader to CNBC.

Beneful: The Four-legged First Choice

Beneful was first established and then released by Nestle Purina in the year 2001. Beneful then later released an option in 2005 for a vegetarian style of dog food that replaced the meat in the dog food with soy for protein. They offer free samples and have been known to offer free puppy kits to first time pet owners.

Beneful comes from an Italian phrase meaning “full of goodness”. Many pet owners claim that their dogs refuse to eat anything except beneful after being accustomed to a diet of Beneful. These claims are especially common in reguards to the beneful dry food selections. Many pet owners who have rescued their four legged family members who have weight or other health problems. Beneful even has a formula to help with bad breath and promote dental health. Due to its many health benefits and variety of options beneful is a very popular choice among owners of rescued animals as well as among families that foster neglected animals. Many satisfied customers comments and recommendations as well as photos of their furry four-legged family members can be found on the beneful Facebook page.

Not only does beneful offer formulas for dental health and bad breath but they also offer formulas for dogs of all ages from puppies to elderly dogs and even formulas for dogs of different sizes that offer kibbles in different sizes for dogs with smaller mouths.
They offer a wide variety of different flavors in different types of food such as dry food, wet food, and even dog treats. Some pet owners have stated that they have used the lids from their chicken stew product as a frisbee. Beneful treats are very popular among dogs and puppies and owners say their pooch cannot get enough of them resulting in a very handy dog training tool.

Why Justin Bieber Wants To Be Roasted

While the world is still on the edge of it’s seat over Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein photos and commercials, it looks like there is still more to the singer than meets the eye. It has recently been reported that not only has Justin Bieber agreed to a Comedy Central Roast but the entire thing was his own idea. Apparently Justin approached the network with the idea over a year ago and the proposal, saying that it was how he would like to celebrate his 21st birthday and would view it as a therapeutic experience.

Now that Justin has got his wish, sources close to him insist that over the last 4 months Justin has made major changes to his attitude, and is getting back to the sweet polite Bieber that the world fell in love with years ago. Justin has been seen around L.A. being extremely generous and even paying for meals for total strangers.

From what fans like Zeca Oliveira have heard, Justin wants his Comedy Central roast to signal the end of this chapter of his life, he wants to look at his mistakes, have a few laughs, and move on as a mature adult.

John Textor and the Digital Media Industry

The digital media industry is always looking for new innovators and people who are able to take charge and expand upon the potential for the industry. One such individual who serves this purpose is John Textor. The individual, along with his digital domain company has worked with some of the largest industry companies and leaders in order to create many of the largest big budget movie productions in the last decade.

John Textor current stands as the Executive Chairman of the business Pulse Evolution Corporation. This company works in production digital productions in movies. This means it often works with movies that require a major post production, computer generated imagery content. Pulse Evolution Corporate makes sure the product is primed and ready for the CGI companies and animators for their work on the movie.

Before becoming the executive chairman, Textor obtained his BA from Wesleyan University in 19897 and eventually went on to found and work as the managing partner of Wyndcrest Holdings a decade later in 1997. The firm is a private equity firm that is located in Florida and works in the entertainment industry throughout the south. It also deals with extensive Internet and telecommunication services on top of traditional entertainment as well. This way, it can help deliver material to Internet consumers and makes sure the product is properly configured in order to reach its desired client and customer base.

Two years later, in 1999, Textor obtain the title of director for The Parent Company in addition to BabyUniversie, which are both Internet based retail companies that produce and sell children clothing and material. Later, he became a chairman for the company in 2002 and then moved on to become CEO in 2005. The next year in 2006, he took on the title of CEO for the company Digital Domain along with the parent company Digital Domain Media Group. These two companies have created the visual effects for over 80 of the largest blockbusters in the last eight years, in which Textor himself oversaw 25 of them. Some of these movies include Real Steel, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and the movie version of Transformers.

His company has also received numerous awards for both movie production and advertising. With this in mind, the company has been able to expand itself and reach a large number of possible production clients who are looking to create films.