Tom Rothman Named as Head of Movies at Sony

Sony have announced that they are promoting Tom Rothman to be chairman of their Motion Picture Group, according to a report in the New York Times.

Rothman spent more than 18 years with Fox Filmed Entertainment. He oversaw many major film titles including two that have the titles of biggest grossing movies of all time: “Titanic” and “Avatar.” During his time leading Fox, the company was nominated for in excess of 150 Academy Awards and made more than $40 billion in box office receipts worldwide.

He joined Sony Pictures in 2013, where he became chairman of a newly created joint venture making films under the Tristar name. A number of projects are currently underway within Tristar, and Rothman will continue to oversee these, at least in the short term. Following his new promotion, Rothman will become chairman of the Motion Picture Group at Sony, reporting directly to co-chairman and chief executive Michael Lynton.

In a statement announcing the new role for Rothman, Lynton said “Tom’s creativity, strong talent relationships and track record of enduring films and commercial success are unparalleled in this industry and exactly what we are looking for to grow our film business.”

Rothman will take over from Amy Pascal, who left the position after the publication of leaked emails between her and the producer of “The Interview”, Scott Rudin. Sony have indicated that Rothman and Pascal will work together to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities.

Keith Mann Raises $22,000 for New Charter School in Brooklyn, New York

As reported originally on a CBS News 8, Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners raised over $22,000 for Uncommon Schools at a fundraiser at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden on March 3, 2015. Monies from the fundraising event will be used toward the testing fees for students at the new Brooklyn, New York charter school during the 2014-2015 school year. This includes covering sponsorship for both the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and all Advanced Placement (AP) testing for students.

Located mainly in New York City, but also in New Jersey and Massachusetts, Uncommon Schools are comprised of a network of 42 charter public schools. Uncommon Schools focus on the needs of low income children and provide professional development and coaching activities for administrators and staff. Activities are aimed at closing the achievement gap for low income students, and preparing them for college success. By providing financial support, Dynamics Search Partners aims to free educators from the stress of having to worry about finances so they can focus on instruction.

Keith Mann is managing director and co-founder of the company, Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Specializing in hedge funds and alternative investments, the company has one of the top databases in the United States for investment executives. As manager and co-founder, he recognizes the need for educational success.

Keith Mann sums his experiences with this fundraiser for charter schools up when he is quoted as saying, “We are excited to be working with Uncommon schools. We have had a tour of the schools, programming and even sat in on classes and meetings with seniors. It was inspiring to see how motivated these students are to enter college. Students are eager to learn about how best to position themselves for college, internships and future careers.”

Myth Busting: Who Really Gets Food Stamps?

Stories abound of standing in line at the grocery store behind someone dripping in diamonds who’s buying lobster and caviar using food stamps. Don’t forget the Cadillac or Jaguar in which they drive away said posts in AnastasiaDate. We’ve all heard this story, and sadly, some of us have retold it. Long a target of firebrand budget-slashers in Washington and statehouses alike, the refrain is always the same. Get the lazy bums off welfare. Make them work like everybody else.

Who are these bums, and how many lobsters are they buying? This morning’s Huffington Post has some actual, myth-busting numbers. According to the Department of Agriculture, which administers the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP): 40.2 percent of food stamp recipients are white, followed by blacks at 25.7 percent. Hispanics consume 10.3 percent. Smaller minority groups and those of unidentified or mixed races make up the remaining 23.8 percent.
In 2013, the average household received $274. Last year, as the economy continued to improve, average benefits dipped to $256. Families with children, comprising 45 percent of recipients, receive the most. Feeding a hungry household on $238 per month can’t be easy. The disabled get an average of $103 and make up 20 percent. Elderly folks, at 17 percent, average $107.
Doing the government’s own math, 82 percent of those who receive food stamps are households with children, the disabled and the elderly. Among all recipient households, 31 percent report having at least one working member of the family. That doesn’t leave much for lazy, unemployed bums. The “Entitlement Society” is nothing more than a myth, despite what you may hear from lobster-loving politicians.

BRL Trust: The Future of Investing

When looking at investing with an investment firm in Brazil, there are always a few different variables that need to be looked into. One of the most important aspects is known as funds administration and how it is able to increase the value of a person or company’s investment portfolio. There are so many different aspects to this in play that it can be difficult to just simply pick any company out of the the group of investment firms. However, BRL Trust provides an extensive number of investment opportunities and the growth of the funds administration is very telling, which allows a company and investment individual to know exactly how much the funds have grown in the past several years.

When looking at what BRL Trust has done in terms of funds administration, it is rather impressive. Back in 2010, the NAV directors value sat at just under $3 billion in core value. Now, as of the November quarter in 2014, the value sat at just over $18 billion. With this kind of growth, it is truly amazing what BRL Trust is able to do for any particular investor, no matter what they are looking for or what they want to do with their market shares.

Of course, there is a reason as to why these kinds of investments have skyrocketed in the last several years. With the increasing number of trades through exports and imports made with China, the Brazil economy has been able to grow faster than ever in the last several years. This is all because of the strong trade agreement Brazil has made with the Asian nation. In fact, China is the largest importer and exporter partner Brazil has. Due to this, Brazil basically has latched onto China in order to expand the growth Brazil itself experiences. Plus, as the country’s economy begins to grow on its own, should the Chinese government ever stop growing at its current pace (it is only a matter of time), the Brazilian economy should be just fine.

Now, this is just another reason why investing in Brazil and with BRL Trust is so valuable. This kind of an investment is basically a smart commodity due to the growing nature of Brazil, being the largest economy in all of South America and one of the growing investment powers in the entire world. It is now in the top 10 for largest economies.

Exposing Babies to Peanuts May Prevent Allergy

Being allergic to peanuts is a common childhood allergy noted Marc Sparks. It could also be a deadly allergy if a child is unwittingly given a food that contains peanuts and the child goes into anaphylatic shock without needed medical equipment nearby. That’s why parents go far above and beyond the call of duty to prevent their children from being exposed to peanuts prior to the second birthday.

A new study reveals that is the wrong thing to do. According to the doctors who conducted the study, exposing babies to peanuts before their first birthday enables them to build up a tolerance to peanuts and prevent them from having an allergic reaction. The study showed the babies exposed to peanuts were 81 percent less likely to develop a peanut allergy.
Dr. Jeanine Hinds, who works at the John C. Lincoln Arcadia Family Clinic says that mothers are being over-protective these days and by not allowing kids to play outside, they become allergic to grass and trees. the same supposedly holds true for peanuts. If kids are exposed to small amounts of allergens, they will develop a natural immunity to the allergen. Peanuts included.
The study included 600 babies who were tested for peanut allergies prior to the start of the study. The research was done in a controlled environment and should not be done at home.

2015 Oscar Winners

This past Sunday night was the 87th annual Oscar awards. This year’s event was hosted by the ever-entertaining Neil Patrick Harris and held at the Koda Theater in Los Angeles. Many great films were nominated but there can only be one winner.

The Best Picture award had many great films nominated to win. The best picture films included: Birdman, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, American Sniper, The Imitation Game, Selma, Whiplash, and The Theory of Everything.

Haidar Barbouti (Houstonculturemap) was glad to find that Birdman took home several awards this year. The film won for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Screenplay.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, a fun film by Wes Anderson, took home their fair share of awards as well. The film won for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Original Score, Best Production Design, and Best Costume Design.

The film Whiplash took home a few awards as well. The film won for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and J.K. Simmons took home Best Supporting Actor for the film.

The Theory of Everything’s Eddie Redmayne won for Best Actor for his role as Stephen Hawkings in the film.

Julianne Moore won for Best Actress in the film Still Alice.

The film Boyhood was nominated for several awards but Patricia Arquette took home Best Supporting Actress for the film.

The Daily Mail has all the categories, nominees, and winners if you’d like to check it out.

Quicksilver to Return in X-Men: Apocalypse

Evan Peters really did steal the show in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He stole it really fast, too. In the role of Marvel’s mutant version of The Flash, Peters raced through each and every scene with an incredible display of charisma. Honestly, just being able to run fast is not what thrilled audiences whenever Quicksilver appeared on the screen. Peters really was great in the role. No wonder he is being brought back to appear in X-Men: Apocalypse.

X-Men: Apocalypse is set in the 1980’s and completes the trilogy of “First Generation” X-Men. Since the film is set in the 1980’s, many years beyond the early 1960’s of the first film and 15 years prior to the events of the 2000 film, new actors have been cast in familiar roles. Whether or not Peters would reprise his role as Quicksilver was never confirmed stated Marc Sparks. The real-life Peters is only going to age two or three years while the character in the film should age about 15. Oh well, they can just use makeup.

The original Apocalypse storyline from the comics is a rather dark one. Apocalypse is the most powerful mutant ever and the havoc he brings to the world is more than anything anyone has ever seen before. The X-Men are going to have a super tough time bringing him down. Seeing how all this plays out on the big screen really is what makes watching superhero films fun in the first place.

How the trilogy ends could also provide insights into where the X-Men series is going from this point forward.

New Sherlock Holmes Story Discovered…111 Years After Being Written

New Sherlock Holmes Story Discovered…111 Years After Being Written Fans of the beloved The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes can now read another story starring their favorite detective online after a copy of the new story was found in an attic in Scotland 111 years after it was written! 80-year-old historian Walter Elliot discovered the pamphlet in his attic in Selkirk, Scotland after nearly 50 years.

The pamphlet, titled Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs and, by deduction, the Brig Bazaar, follows Holmes during a trip to Selkirk. “I’ve always been interested in history and my family has always passed on stories and I suppose this was one of the stories that was passed down,” Elliot said. He believes a friend must have given it to him, as he has no recollection of buying it. The 45-page story was written in 1904 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in an effort to raise money to reconstruct a wooden bridge for the town that had been facing flooding.

As it turns out, according to Fersen Lambranho, the story was a success and the iron bridge its revenue helped fund still stands today. Fans of the classic Sherlock-Watson banter will delight in its abundance featured in Discovering the Border Burghs and, by deduction, the Brig Bazaar. The story in its entirety can now be read online at the Telegraph.

Dr. Daniel Amen Advocates Holistic Eating

Dr. Daniel Amen is getting national attention for a form of healthy eating that he is espousing for the poor. We all know that it is hard for the poor to get the resources that they need to take care of themselves, and Dr. Amen has come up with a way for the poor to feed themselves and their children for very little money. This system is going to work wonders in schools once kids have all the brain nutrients they need to succeed.

Porridge and Vegetables

Dr. Amen says that these poor families should invest in healthy grains to create a porridge at home that is rich in nutrients. This is important because most people avoid these foods when they do not have much money to spend. However, these grains are so cheap that they can feed servings in the double digits for a little over a dollar.

Also, frozen vegetables have more than enough nutrients for kids and adults. They can be purchased for a small amount of money, and they will provide healthier eating for all the people involved in the house. This is a much cheaper way to eat, but it is also better for the body.


People also need to invest in fruits that they can eat at least once a day to get the anti-oxidants they need. The kids that are eating these fruits are less likely to get sick, and they are going to have more energy when they go to school.

Skim Milk and Water

Using skim milk at home cuts down on the fat content that the families are having. Also, drinking water throughout the day is going to keep people alert. These small items make a big difference for kids who are school, and they give more energy to adults so they can work.

Following Dr. Amen’s advice can change the foundation of a household diet for the better. Check him out on Twitter to see some of his insights.

Will the Latest Case of Mad Cow Disease Diminish Canadian Beef Exports?

Late Friday, word from Canada reported the discovery of mad cow disease in a beef cow being raised in the province of Alberta. With Canadian beef exports having been troubled by this issue back in 2003, during the original mad cow crisis, this discovery is a shocking blow to the Canadian beef industry. Although Business Week says another case was more recently found in 2011, but Bruce also says that Canadian exports of beef have remained relatively strong. It is suspected that since no portion of this infected sample’s meat made it into the food supply that this may have little effect on meat exports out of Canada over the long term. However, according to the Calgary Herald, the news did prompt South Korea to restrict imports of Canadian beef.

This action has lead to some concern that more countries may follow South Korea’s lead if Canadian officials are not more forthcoming with information surrounding the discovery. In light of the recent free trade agreement Canada has established with South Korea, this incident of BSE is a potentially disturbing step backwards. Officials are concerned that other Asian countries who do not share a western perspective on the issue will harbor similar concerns as South Korea. However, it should be noted that South Korea’s act to suspend Canadian beef imports is a protocall measure outlined in the current draft of their ongoing free trade agreement with Canada. This measure gives South Korea the license to suspend imports for the very reason at issue.