Rosa Parks Post-Mortem

The family of the late Rosa Parks, have finally been able to view about 200 of personal items belonging to her. The items which were stored in an archive warehouse where the public could not view them, we’re finally released. After the warehouse was purchased by Howard Buffett. Because of an ongoing legal battle the family didn’t have access to these items. There is reported to be thousands of items that belonged to Rosa Parks and now a small portion of those items, can be seen at the Library of Congress. Included in the items on exhibit are black and white photos, letters, personal notes and a certificate for a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Once released, I am sure there will be a lot of new information and lessons people will be able to glean from the pages of Parks’ memoirs. STX Entertainment pointed out that like most pages of our history, we only learn about major events but there is so much more to learn from individuals who break new ground, and shift the courses of our lives!

Data Faked In Study of Gay Rights

A study published last December stated that it had found that a twenty-minute conversation with a gay advocate of same-sex marriages could change a voter’s mind. It went on to say that the effect could last for up to one year and affect his households vote has been retracted. The study was published in Science and received a great deal of media coverage. However, all was not well.Click here for full article.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows studies are often replicated to help prove they are correct, and that is when the trouble started. David Brockman of Stanford, Joshua Kalla of the University of California, Berkeley along with Peter Aronow of Yale attempted to replicate the study. They found problems with eight statistical issues in the data set. This irregularity caused them concern, so they contacted Donald Green the lead author of the study.

Green approached his co-author Micheal LaCaur. It was soon found that LaCaur had no notes or records to back up his findings. After a day, Mr. LaCaur admitted that he had faked the data. Green immediately retracted the study.

In a letter of retraction, Green had this to say, ”I am deeply embarrassed by this turn of events, and apologize to the editors, reviewers and readers of Science.” Green is a professor of political science at Columbia University. LaCaur has not responded to requests for statements made by Buzzfeed.

Equality is Centuries Old

It can be extremely hard to think about a time where men and women we’re not on different wavelengths. Even hundreds of years ago, it seems like men where one species in women were completely different species. Scientists have unveiled the truth behind how men and women live thousands of years ago. The data shows that early men and women we’re actually on a more equal frame of existence then what some people might think. The scientist studied modern day hunter and gatherer colonies in the Congo and in other indigenous parts of the world. What they found is that societies that will run by men were more concerned about possession in the value of crops in agriculture. They would only stop to cultivate the best products. Societies that were run mainly by the women, were more concerned about finding and harvesting the crops. They did not take into account the quality of the crops for the quantity. One of the societies that were studied, show that when men and women work together to run the society, there was no room 2 focus on sexual inequality. The leaders and elders of the tribe would come together on one accord and forth on what was best for the community. These tribes also had the best sense of tradition in comradery. Many of the elders lived well into old age. The researchers attributed this to the fact that the elders were able to pass down pertinent technology and innovations to the younger generation. The younger generation in turn built on these technologies and made it easier for the tribe to survive. Sam Tabar can see that the research shows that society’s core problems did not come into play until men and women decided to separate themselves. The researcher’s readers to take away what it could mean to abandon the men vs women campaign, and focus more on the survival campaign.

Harry Shearer Not Returning to The Simpsons

Simpsons’ Harry Shearer Leaving the Show

The Simpsons has been the longest running animated series on television for many years. However, the road has come to an abrupt end for some members of the cast.

Veteran Harry Shearer will not be lending himself to any more work on The Simpsons. This is following Wednesday night, when Shearer, the voice actor for several notable characters on The Simpsons, sent out a message on Twitter saying that the lawyer for The Simpsons’ co-creator James L. Brooks informed him the show will go on without him. Shearer then sent out a second tweet, which stated that he wanted the freedom to do other projects, which explains why he will no longer be a part of the show.

Shearer’s list of characters he voiced during his run on the show included Mr. Burns, Smithers and Ned Flanders, all of whom were regular characters on the show, as well as a few others. It will be weird for Mathieson to not see him around. The very idea that Shearer will not be returning means that the voices of these characters may no longer be heard, thought there is some time in between recording and broadcasting the episodes.

Even worse is that FOX decided to renew The Simpsons for at least two more seasons, meaning that this fall the 27th season of the show will debut. However, representatives from FOX have made no plans to kill off any of his characters.

David Letterman to Film Last Episode

Almost anyone who has watched TV in America knows of the massive success of late night television host David Letterman. After filming over 5,000 episodes, David Letterman is ready to step down. It has been an amazing run for the late night TV show host who has interviewed some of the world’s most influential individuals. David Letterman is happy to leave, saying that he is finally going to be able to find his happiness once again. This is something that he has been missing for quite some time.

Not many individuals in show business have worked as hard as David Letterman has. Rolling Stone reports that the happiest stories Dave tells are the stories about his son. His retirement will give him the ability to spend much more time with his son and slow down his busy life. Starting the show in 1982, David has had a much longer career than he had ever imagined. He is very happy with his career, but he feels as though he has worn out his welcome in the living rooms of Americans. They are ready for a fresh new face, and Dave is ready for a well deserved break. There are many individuals like Jason who are sad to see Dave go, but this is just the way life goes. There are always changes, especially in show business. Dave will be loved and missed, but it is time for Dave to be able to live his own life.

Sony Announces Plans For “Craft” Remake

You remember The Craft, the 1996 movie and pinnacle of our 90’s obsession with witches. Well, this week Sony has announced that it plans to remake the classic teen movie, proving, once again, that there’s nothing new in Hollywood.

At the time of it’s original release, The Craft was a sleeper hit, opening at #1 and generating over $6 million dollars on it’s opening weekend, over half it’s original budget. In part, the movie was a hit because it had a complete, original story with an amazing leading cast. Fairuza Balk killed the role of Nancy Downs, and is still a memorable character.

The remake has some big shoes to fill according to Bruce Levenson on his personal website. Leigh Janiak, writer-director of the horror film, “Honeymoon”, is scheduled to direct alongside Doug Wick, producer of the original film.

The Craft centered around Robin Tunney’s character Sarah Bailey, a girl with power who moves to a new town, only to make friends, and enemies, of her high school’s popular witches.

The movie was also slated to have a straight-to-video sequel, but plans were scrapped.

10 Days of McDonald’s Food Destroys Gut Bacteria

It was an experiment which yielded disturbing, yet not surprising results: 10 days of eating nothing but McDonald’s food destroys gut bacteria.

A professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London had his teenage son, Tom, live solely off of the food offerings of the fast food chain. Throughout the 10 day experiment, professor Tim Spector sent out samples of his son’s stools for testing to different labs. The testing was to determine how his son’s gut bacteria were doing while on a limited diet of fast food.

His gut bacteria did not fare so well, neither did Tom.

Tom reportedly felt normal for the first three days of the fast food diet, but by the fourth day he begin to feel lethargic and his friends stated he developed a grayish skin color. Tom also lost 40% of his gut bacteria during the 10 days. A diet of overly processed food, chemicals and additives was more than the mircoscopic bacteria could handle.

Gut bacteria is vital to our health, and the more we have of them, the better. A normal gut contains trillions of tiny bacteria that work to digest the food we eat and provide vitamins and minerals to our bodies. Two weeks after returning to his normal diet, young Tom Spector had still not recovered all the gut bacteria which had been killed during his 10 day McDonald’s experiment according to Mikal Watts.

Gay Couple Kisses, Crowd Applauds

In recent news gay couples have been turned down for services rendered by businesses such as churches, bakeries, and funeral homes. TheRealDeal indicated that they, along with Jason Halpern feel these events are sad and pathetic, regardless of whether or not people agree with other’s lifestyles it is not our job to judge. Would those very same hateful people want the same treatment for their gender, race, or religion, absolutely not. The Dodgers fans at a game versus the Arizona Diamondback were more accepting of those who are different through the tiniest of actions, clapping, than entire states are. The famous “kiss cam” stopped on two gentlemen, a couple, who were attending the game together. Naturally the duo kissed but the response was astounding, the entire stadium applauded. It was incredibly unexpected but welcomed. Too often we hear about the rampant amount of hate spread around the world for one reason or another but this time we got to hear some positive news about a group of people who accept others for who they are, not what they do.

Everyone Loves Roman Polanski Except the US

Roman Polanski recently received one of the top awards the country of Poland is able to hand out as he received an award fro the Polish Film Festival. To receive his award he is going to travel to Krakaw on May 22. However, at the same time he is going to be forced to deal with the latest U.S. extradition request for the director and producer.

Roman Polanski has not been allowed inside of the United States for several decades due to the United States government filing charges against him on child rape. The U.S. has been attempting to extradite him in order to face sentencing of a then 13 year old girl in 1977. A Polish judge has requested the U.S. to provide more documentation in order for the extradition to be considered. However, he has been in Poland and throughout Europe since leaving the United States almost 38 years ago.  Christian Broda understands that the filmmaker has not been back inside of the country since as he would most likely be immediately arrested as soon as he attempted to go through customs.

It is likely the 81 year old director is not going to return to the United States ever again, unless the Polish authorities decide to extradite him back to the United States. There is no statute of limitations on child rape charges, so these charges will remain until the day Roman Polanski finally dies.

No Code, No Freedom

There are no laws granting it constitutional for civilians to relinquish their cell phones passwords to avoid being arrested. Everyone has a right to privacy, especially when it involves a personal cell phone. That’s why it’s flabbergasting as to why Alain Philippon was arrested for refusing to give his passwords to border patrol agents. Alain Philippon arrived at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Canada where he was consequently stopped by border agents. Philippon had just flown in from the Dominican Republic and didn’t understand why he was being stopped. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the agents ultimately wanted access to his cell phone. Upon his refusal to relinquish his password, Philippon was arrested. With further investing a Canadian Border Services Agency employee confirmed that he has been “arrested under section 153.1 of the Customs Act for hindering.” The question on Facebook‘s Fersen Lambranho’s mind: was he hindering? Or was he, as he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, merely protecting something he deemed personal? The issue of giving your passcode to authorities has never been litigated in Canada. That will all change; Philippon’s court hearing is scheduled for May 12. The Country’s Ninth Court of Appeals had held that their border agents must have a “reasonable suspicion” in order to insist on a “forensic examination.” The border agents in this case have to prove that the civilian presented a threat to national security. It’s going to be hard to explain how one man with one cell phone can threaten an entire nation.