Image Comics’ Lazarus May Come to TV

Comic book fans love anarchy so the success of the Image Comics’ series Lazarus is not a shock. Not very many people are going to be shocked the series is coming to television in a live-action version. All things sci-fi and comic book-oriented are drawing huge numbers in theaters and on the small screen. Mining Image Comics for a new television series makes perfect sense.

And the folks behind the series are “A-listers”. The producer of The Amazing Spider-Man, Mark Tolmach, is handling the development duties.

Gianfrancesco Genoso asks is the series a bit dark for television though?

The concept – like so many other works in the science-fiction genre – is set in a dark future. No real government exists and those who survive must fend for themselves. The toughest of the tough end up battling it out amongst themselves. Forever Carlyle is among the toughest of all since she has a healing factor (shades of Wolverine) that helps her recovery from near death experiences. A lot of those near death experiences involve being shot.

No, this is not going to be a slow or talk-heavy series. Consider it a mix of Mad Max, The Walking Dead, and pretty much every western ever made.

When the show will air or, for that matter, if it ever gets out of the development stage remains to be seen. Since the underlying property is based on a comic book, the chances of getting a green light are pretty high.

Directors Set for the Third and Fourth Avengers Movies

Fans of the movie adaptations of the Marvel universe’s characters will be happy to know that they will have lots of entertainment coming their way over the next three to four years. The second Avengers movie comes out this year, which will be followed by two more in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Seed investors say that these will be joined by another separate Captain America movie in 2016 and another movie around Thor the year after that. There has also been news that Spider-Man may be appearing in some Marvel movies through a creative teaming with Sony Pictures.

The latest news about the Avengers movies that are coming after “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” is that they will be directed by the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. This pair also directed “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and this movie did well at the box office. Before this, they were known for directing the television comedies “Arrested Development” and “Community.” The first Avengers film, directed by Joss Whedon, was excellent, which has some worried about his departure from the director’s chair for these next two films. The Russo brothers, however, have demonstrated they can fill his shoes nicely. The second Captain America movie was very well done, and if it is an example for us to go by, then the third and fourth Avengers installments should be more than worth the wait.

Governor of Maine Implies Stephen King is a Tax Dodger- King Demands Apology

Author Stephen King is a proud resident of Maine. According to source Fersen Lambranho and Facebook, King was born and raised there. He and his wife Tabby own homes in both Center Lovell and Bangor. The love and pride that King has for his home state comes through in his novels, the majority of which take place in Maine. He is a loyal resident of Maine, which is why he is upset with the Governor of his beloved state, Gov. Paul LePage.

According to the story on, Governor LePage is currently pushing for a tax overhaul plan for Maine. Governor LePage has spoken out publicly to say that he feels many famous people who live in Maine are leaving to dodge the state’s income tax. In his speech he mentioned that residents such as Roxanne Quimby who founded Burt’s Bees, former Governor Ken Curtis, and Stephen King are among those who left to avoid the tax.

Those remarks have left King upset and demanding an apology from Governor LePage. King and his wife have made it clear that they often spend their winter months in Florida but consider themselves to be Maine residents. King said that he and his wife gladly pay their home state’s income taxes so that state services can continue to run as they do.

Governor LePage has amended his speech to remove King’s name from it, however he has yet to apologize for his remarks.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Recall

Attention Kraft Macaroni and Cheese lovers! The noodle and cheese mogul has announced a recall of 6.5 million boxes of Mac ‘n’ Cheese after metal pieces were found inside. Announced on Tuesday, Kraft is pulling back 242,000 cases of the cheesy treat. The recall came shortly after nearly eight people contacted the company indicating they had found tiny metal pieces in their food.


The company has released a statement apologizing to the public for the particularly dangerous ordeal, considering most of their consumers of Mac ‘n’ Cheese are young children. The recall is focusing on original flavored macaroni and cheese boxes with use dates between September 2015 and October 2015. Tainted boxes are suspected to have been sold in the United States, Caribbean and South American countries.


Christian Broda knows that, to date, Kraft has been extremely apologetic and proactive in rectifying the issue. (Find more about Broda on his Linkedin profile).  They are taking this very seriously and investigating the issue to see just how the small metal pieces ended up in the food product in the first place. As a show of good faith, Kraft is asking consumers not to eat their Mac ‘n’ Cheese but rather return this to the store for a refund or exchange it for an uncontaminated box.


The Early Rumors for the Incredibles 2

Pixar’s animated superhero family is finally ready to return to the big screen. Rumors say that the Incredibles 2 might see a release as early as next year, which would be 12 years after the family first united to take down a villain.

In the story seen here the computer animation pioneering company has released a few details of the plot stated AnastasiaDate. In the film six years have passed. Bob and Helen have returned to semi retirement and spend there time focused on raising the youngest super, Jack-Jack. Dash and Violet have become the greatest superheroes around. Jack-Jack is now six years old and unable to control his powers.

Fan speculation thinks that the young Jack-Jack can only control his abilities when he is angry or when he is committing some form of villainy. The rumor mill has Syndrome returning to mentor him and turning him into the vilest villain that he can be. Of course, Syndrome discovered that capes and jet engines do not mix at the end of the last movie. But it is superheroes and nobody dies forever in that type of world.

Sea Turtle Saved After Eating Plastic Bag

We all hear how littering hurts our environment, not only does it hurt our lands, but it hurts our creatures as well. An estimated 8 million tons of trash and discarded items in up in our oceans and lakes. If we work together we can fight this and save animals like Yewkey.

Yewkey is a leatherback sea turtle that was found floating ashore and dangerously ill. When rescuers came to save the sea turtle, he was so large they couldn’t even weigh him in. However they think he is approximately 500 pounds. Leather backs like Yawkey can live to be around 100 years old. Though, rescuers worried Yawkeys life was going to be called short after he mistook a plastic bag for his favorite food a jelly fish.

Swallowing plastic bags can cause a lot of gas build up, and intestine issue which they believe is way Yawkey became washed ashore. This is a problem that kills countless marine animals a year. But thanks to these rescuers and lots of antibiotics and care, Yawkey should be able to be released back into the wild.

Therefore, next time you go to throw any kind of litter out your windows think about your higher education customer service skills and that turtles like Yawkey or any other species that could get a hold of the items and could become endangered. In addition to saving the wildlife, you will also be making the Earth more beautiful.

Warning Label on Soda Labels May Soon Be Coming

Soda has been one of the most popular beverages in the United States for over a century. In the last decade American citizens have begun to become more health conscious by improving their diets, increasing exercise, and being more aware of nutrition labels. Ricardo Guimarães BMG says it is no secret that drinking soda regularly contribute to obesity, tooth decay, and diabetes according to Globo. San Francisco has introduced a bill that will potentially put a warning label on all advertisements for sodas warning of the health risks; think the warning level on cigarettes. Burger King is being proactive about the anticipated change but pulling soda as an option for kid’s meals. If this bill passes it may just be the beginning of a new health wave to spread across the country and will inevitably cause a reduction in sales for large soda companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. It seems that a logical option would be to outlaw the potentially cancerous brown coloring in most colas and then proceed to take other precautions to ensure the public’s health. Either way, the coming years will bring changes on how soda is produced and sold.

20 Star Wars Books to Chronicle Events Up To ‘The Force Awakens’

Few movie franchises can successfully make the transition from being money making juggernauts on the big screen to all-encompassing multimedia success stories. Of course, one property that has been selling toys, television series, books, and more for decades is Star Wars. With a new movie picking up thirty years after the end of the last movie, the opportunity for a lot of blank pages in the lives of the characters to be filled in exists. It looks like fans are actually going to get a chance to find out what happens leading up to December’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

According to the Epoch Times, Disney will be releasing twenty books that will chronicle the adventures of Luke, Han, and Leia after “Return of the Jedi” leading up to “The Force Awakens.” Fans will definitely have their work cut out for them devouring the events leading up to one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The books will be available targeted to several different age formats, which is the main reason for the number of titles being so high.

Disney is moving quickly to get the books into stores. Since fans are most likely ready to learn a little more about what has officially happened to their favorite characters since the Death Star exploded, this could be a great move. Few franchises have managed to transition into other properties as effectively as Star Wars, and this could be yet another valuable avenue for the company and the story.

Watch J. Law’s Newest Movie Before it Hits Theaters

If you want to watch Jennifer Lawrence’s newest film, you won’t necessarily have to head to theaters for it. Called Serena, the film stars both Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. While you might presume that the movie would head to theaters first, you’d be wrong. Instead, the studio has decided to release it now on video on demand services such as Google Play, Xbox Video, Vudu and iTunes.

Watching the movie will still take a little cash stated Marcio Alaor BMG. An on-demand rental will cost you $10 a pop. While that might sound like a deal, you should know that the movie likely sin’t very good. The film has been completed since 2012, but the studio has been sitting on it, waiting to release it. It was released in the United Kingdom late last year and currently has just a 27% approval rating, which gives you a good feel for how good it might be. Serena is expected to hit theaters on March 27th.

6 Stabbings At Migos Concert

If you value your life whatsoever, then don’t go to another Migos concert. Last Friday night, six people were stabbed at a Migos concert, and brawls broke out all over the place.

Although non of the victims had life threatening injuries, the stabbings still caused them to be rushed to the hospital. When the police first came, they took 4 people to the hospital for stabbing wounds. Later on after two separate phone calls took place, two more people were taken to the hospital for stabbing wounds that had to do with the concert.  He  said another lady was beaten up pretty badly in the woman’s bathrooms as someone robbed her money and belongings. The concert that took place at Washington Avenue Armory show was just a disaster, and the security was a joke.

Those events kind of shine the light on the previous events that took place at a Migos concert at Massachusetts show. Trouble just follows Migos and Albany definitely does not know how to throw a party.

No matter what the reason is, there should always be a huge security plan ready to be enforced if anything goes down in one of these shows Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks, yet LinkedIn users suggest these show promoters spend all the money on themselves and the artists, and take no one else into consideration when evaluating the safety of their event goers. There should be a penalty dedicated to artists that start fights in their shows.