The Incredible Story of Christina Noble Revisited

Christina Noble, an Irish human rights crusader who primarily champions childrens’ causes, is known for her optimistic spirit in spite of troublesome circumstances. She is also an author. Noble herself had a very tumultuous childhood. She was raised in the slums. Her mother passed on when she was only ten years of age and her father was an abusive alcoholic. From there, she and her siblings were thrown into an orphanage where Noble was falsely informed that her siblings had passed on as well. She eventually escaped the orphanage and lived on the streets of Dublin, were she was brutally gang-raped, which resulted in a son. That son was forcibly adopted. She eventually married to an abusive spouse, with whom she had three more children.

She was inspired to found the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation after visiting abused children in Vietnam, a cause that Jon Urbana continues to support. He’s been doing some amazing things for Denver-based Earth Force. In 1997, she was inaugurated as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. A film based on her story, titled Noble was released in 2015.

On February 2, 2016 interview with Milena Messner, she stated: You get some cruel individuals from all walks of life…It doesn’t make it right, but you have to forgive.. She also stated that during her time visiting the orphanages in post-war Vietnam, what appalled her the most was that not much about the country had changed and encouraged the public to question the legacy being left to the next generation.

Combining Joy and Medical Research

Medical research may well be one of the most important aspects of modern society. It’s allowing people to live to see some really amazing things. But one of the less appreciated aspects of medical research sits firmly within the realm of mental health. Research into mental health is allowing people to finally see into the world of people who were born with a unique viewpoint which others simply can’t share. In the past these people were often written off and either forgotten or ignored. Thankfully, in recent times a number of people have raised both awareness about just how important these viewpoints can be. And of these, one of the most important has been autism research.But every charity is only as strong as the people behind them. And if one is looking for the most powerful voice funding autism research than that would almost certainly be that of Sanjay Shah. That might come as a big surprise to some people. Because to most of the world he’s known as the president and CEO of Solo Capital. But of course every man wears many hats in his life. During the day he’s working within the worlds of high finance. But part of that involves meetings with people whose entry into fame and fortune came through the entertainment industry. And it was this unlikely convergence which led to the founding of his charity – Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks came about through the combination of many factors. There are of course the prior elements of high finance and wonderful entertainers. But the biggest driving force was the fact that Sanjay is the father of an autistic child. Most people on the outside imagine that parents in this situation would want to cure their children. But the reality is usually quite different. A parent’s love is unconditional. And they, more than anyone, understand that autism is all about seeing the world in different ways. As such parents of autistic children usually wish more for a window into their child’s life than they do for a cure. And this view is one championed by Sanjay. His charity allows some of the best entertainers in the world to set up private concerts for people interested in charity. And this in turn delivers donations to researchers trying to understand the nature of autism.

But one of the most important parts of Autism Rocks is that it’s centered on positivity. It’s never about forcing change. And instead it’s all about creating bridges of understanding. Autism Rocks is about having a great time with amazing music while also helping a good cause. The most important thing that everyone involved hopes for is that it will eventually help people with autism and people without to better understand each other.

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The Stars of The Queens of Drama

Reality show and soap opera watchers know that when it really comes down to it, its all about the drama. Were not talking serious stage or theatrical drama here, though, were talking about drama as in Drama Queens. Were talking about beautiful ladies who lay on the glamour and the makeup pretty heavy, and then get into lots of drama about all kinds of things, from men to fashion to whos got the biggest diamond rings. Yes, all this makes for fun TV, which is why the scripted reality series, Queens of Drama, is so very watchable.

The show, which premiered on the POP network in April of 2015 and ran for ten episodes, is highly watchable fun. The story follows the antics of several former soap opera and nighttime soap stars who create their own production company.

The show stars Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil (90210) Chrystee Pharris, and Hunter Tylo (The Bold and The Beautiful) and Donna Mills (Knots Landing villainess extraordinaire). Mills plays a character who is more a fictionalized version of herself than the actual actress herself. With stars that run the gamut form former One Life to Live star Crystal Hunt to Dynasty legend Mills, how could this show not be surefire fun?

Crystal Hunt began her career as a teen actress as her website showcases. She starred on the network soap Guiding Light and was nominated for an Emmy for her role, full details of which are available on IMDb. Combining television work with film roles, she stayed busy and was later cast on One Life to Live as stripper Stacey Morasco. She stayed on the show for three years.

More recently, Hunt has appeared in the major release Magic Mike XXL, with Channing Tatum and Joe Maginello. She is excited about her thriving film career as well as the great notices that have come in for The Queens of Drama from media outlets including The NY Daily News and Variety. She also recently celebrated her Birthday.

Whats next for these Queens? More catfights and more real drama, we can only hope.

How to Become a Famous YouTuber

With so many people making it famous on sites like YouTube, it makes people wonder what exactly they did to accomplish this. Unless someone happens to post a funny video that gets picked up by Ellen Degeneres and broadcast on daytime television, it all boils down to making a name for yourself and enlisting faithful followers. It is important to brand yourself by posting as an authority on something you know a lot about. If you can establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject then people will subscribe to your channel to see what you have to say. By having a substantial group of followers promoting your YouTube videos, it is pretty easy to become popular at the very least.

Wengie is a 29 year old from Australia who began video blogging to release stress and has now managed to become the most famous Asian beauty blogger in Australia. According to Wengie it took an entire year of uploading three videos a day before she saw any substantial amount of followers. Over time, she has acquired quite a reputation for herself as an authority on makeup, clothes and dieting. Her videos range from dieting advice to makeup tips that her followers flock to her channel to see. Wengie loves to talk and be in front of the camera and has quite a bubbly personality that draws people in to see what she has to say next.

Wengie started her successful video blogging career using a Canon 7D camera and Adobe Photosuite software. She is able to do all her blogging using minimal equipment and a website hosted at GoDaddy which only costs her $2.95 a month. She has become so popular that companies ask her to promote their brands in advertisments and promotional videos. She attributes her success to being a workaholic and love of making videos. Wengie claims that she loves to talk and that she started blogging as a way to vent after a long day.

Like Wengie, anyone can become a famous YouTuber with a little work and a substantial amount of followers. The first steps to becoming famous would be to make plenty of videos and begin bulging a following on YouTube.


Since the death of the renowned musician king of pop Michael Jackson, his memories have lived among his biggest fans. The pop artist died at his mansion in Los Angeles in 2009. Among his fans emerged one of his greatest impersonators known as Sergio Cortes. The 43-year-old Spanish-born artist has come a long way to the attention of music industry media. He learnt of Michael in his childhood days when Michael performed in the famous tribute to the Michael Jackson show. The young Sergio grew fond of the famous musician and embarked on a career that will lead him to the heart of Michael’s million of fans.


According to the Sergio gives the world the best similar songs and dances from the late king of pop. He wears very same clothes and lives a flashy lifestyle that of Michael. He is also very talented with the best same voice that is hard to differentiate. His fans admit his uniqueness that his outstanding among the many impersonators of Michael Jackson. Sergio himself admits that the making it to the top of the industry and fitting in the shoes of such a great musician was not a walk in the park. It has taken him years of practice and hard work to perfect his moves.


Sergio and Michael were the world apart. When Michael was at the peak of his career, on the other hand, Sergio was working determined to succeed his legacy. He also put enough effort to become like him.


Just like many another artist in the world, Sergio has equally increased his presence online. He has a Facebook page with over 16000 followers. His performances and videos can are accessible online. Apart from Facebook, Michael commands an enormous following on Twitter. He has used the opportunity to interact with millions of fans most of who were Michaels fans. People close to Sergio describe him as hardworking and ambitious. It is also evident from the ballooning number of shows he has performed on the tribute to Michael Jackson.


The music industry is very competitive nowadays. To make such achievements from scratch as Sergio is very commendable. Dozens of impersonators have surfaced since the king of pop died. Making it to the top for Sergio has taken practice and talent. In building his career, Sergio attributes part of his success to undying support from his fans.


Entrepreneur Prompts Seismic Donations Toward Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund: Go Fund Me Campaign

When natural disaster hits the need for instant and immediate relief is paramount; and people want to help. In adverse conditions however like earthquakes, only professionally trained emergency crews and doctors are the best capable to remedy the situation, along with health sustaining products like: fresh water, food, and medical supplies for both people and animals. Temporary shelter is a must. Moreover specialized rescue equipment, and rebuilding materials are mandatory, as well as triage. It is reported that whole villages were trodden in Nepal’s earthquake.

These desperately needed items and supplies cannot be proffered from the injured or even the local government, surrounding area, or community, they must come from outside sources. The dollars must come from humanitarian sources from everyday people like us who believe in helping one another in time of sadness and trouble. Similarly these items will support thousands of misplaced, wounded people, and animals in massive volumes. It is estimated that over eight million people and countless animals are seriously affected by the earthquake. One depiction of Nepals earthquake devastation was sobbed so profoundly by a survivor who said: Nepal looks like a cemetery.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

It is true that outfitted international relief efforts are assessing the crisis in Nepal; but consider what eight million is in terms of men, women, child, injured, sick, hungry, homeless, and their loving pets. This number is far greater than one relief efforts facility and the call for help is seismic! So that is why one Chicago Entrepreneur Majeed Ekbal wants you to donate to Nepal earthquake relief fund: Go Fund Me Campaign.

Majeed Ekbal’s View from Here from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

The Senior Marketing Executive Majeed Ekbal says he personally knows friends living in Nepal, so he can verify to the real necessity and urgency binding a program for fundraising, help, and aid. These peoples day-to-day survival is dependent on contributions of money which is generated though Go Fund Me campaign. As a result Mr. Ekbal asks please contribute generously, and accordingly no amount is too small. He wants to raise one million dollars and all funds going to medical aid, hunger relief, and shelter. As a Marketing and Advertising businessman, hes putting out the word for a seismic donation towards Nepal earthquake relief fund: Go Fund Me campaign.

Foods To Avoid During The Holidays

Holidays are one of hardest times to keep up with any diet. Holidays mean food, lots of rich and indulgent food, and foods that can cause more than just weight gain. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a leading plastic surgeon, gave a run down of which foods you should say no to if you want to avoid wrinkles.
Fruitcake is synonymous with Christmas, but it’s one of the top foods to avoid. This holiday treat is loaded with sugar which will dull and dry skin and lead to wrinkles and sagging. Skip the fruitcake and just eat fresh fruit instead.
Alcohol is popular during the holidays, from spiked eggnog to champagne to ring in the new year, it’s part of most peoples traditions. But this tradition should be one of the first to go, alcohol is extremely dehydrating which leads to dry skin and a pale appearance. It is also responsible for dilating the small blood vessels in the face which can be an aggressor for rosacea.
Fried foods may taste great, but they are not great for your appearance. Overindulgence in fried foods and trans-fats can cause lower blood circulation, clogged pores, acne, bacteria build-up, and flaky skin.
The final of the top four foods to avoid is bread. Bread is high in sodium which can lead to puffiness and swelling, even puffy bags under the eyes.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a leading American plastic surgeon, media commentator, and founder of Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC as well as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. Walden has been featured on numerous media outlets including ABC, FOX News, VH1, and E!, where she has shared her expert medical advice.
Dr. Walden completed her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch before going on to a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She spent the first part of her career working in New York City’s Upper East Side before returning to her native town of Austin, Texas where she opened her private practice.

Adam Sender Follows His Dreams and Gives Up His Company

I know that there are times when a person will have to give up something that they want to get something else that they need. This is exactly what Adam Sender has done. He has given up something that he put a lot of time into in order to acquire something else that he was also thriving in.

I have been impressed with this because Adam Sender could have chosen any path. He was making millions with hedge funds, and he was having fun doing it. The problem was that he wasn’t passionate about it the way that he was about the concept of the art collecting. I admire this because he has been able to build up his money from one area to help him acquire his art empire. He would then sell the art and thrive even more. I like this idea because he was smart about it.

A lot of people will find something that they are passionate about, but they will go right now and start doing this. This has always been a little strange to me because people will lose money as they transition and work without income. There are some businesses that fail just because there is no real plan in place. They don’t have money to fund the business that they may desire to engage in. Adam Sender, however, is my hero because he has been faithful in buying art. He collected a lot of pieces, but he did not think about leaving his job until he secured his art. That was very smart. It made perfect sense for him to wait and see how his art collection would increase in value.By the time he got ready to sell his company he has over 400 pieces of art in his position. This was more than enough totally move from his position as a hedge fund founder to art collector and seller. That is something that was incredibly smart about his plan.

Sender has inspired me because he has been able to do a lot with his artwork in such a short amount of time. Adam Sender knew that his collection was increasing in value. He has managed to do a lot of things over time, and this has become one of the most interesting parts of the equation. He has created a lot of value for himself just by waiting. I think that this is better than any return on investment that he could reap from the hedge funds. It is important for people to realize that Adam Sender has been patient. He has certainly spent a lot of time watching his investments increase while he managed hedge funds for clients.

Eric Pulier: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Looking Towards the Future

Some entrepreneurs are late bloomers in life, but Eric Pulier is one individual who certainly doesn’t fit that profile. Born in New Jersey, Pulier began programming computers in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school, he’d already started a database company. In 1984, Pulier matriculated at Harvard University. However, he also took classes at MIT. At Harvard his major was American and English literature, and he graduated from his class with honors in 1988.

Just three years later, he decided to make the big move to the place that he would make his permanent homeLos Angeles. The City of Angels was where he founded a company known as People Doing Things, or PDT. The purpose of PDT was to determine how technology could influence important sectors such as education and healthcare. He also founded an agency known as Digital Evolution a few years later. Some of the other companies with which he’s been associated include: Desktone, Akana, Media Platform, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership, and ServiceMesh. All in all, Mr. Pulier has founded fifteen companies over his career. He has excelled at raising capital for his business ventures, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars to fund his innovative enterprises.

Eric Pulier has also used his business savvy and expertise to invest in a number of businesses. His specialized knowledge has led him to become heavily involved in the world of philanthropy. He’s currently on the board of The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for children who suffer from chronic illness. In addition, he also works with the much-discussed X-Prize Foundation. Working to solve humanity’s most difficult and interesting challenges, the X-Prize Foundation has attracted a lot of interest due to its focus upon sustainable commercial spaceflight. Somehow Pulier also made time to become a part of Bill Clintons Clinton Global Initiative, in addition to doing a great deal of public speaking and writing a book. With his varied interests and knack for understanding the future, there is no doubt that we will continue to hear about this visionary for years to come.

Let Us Join Hands For a Better World

Earth Force Inc. is a charitable organization that aims to prepare the youth to actively participate in addressing environmental challenges and create environmentally resilient communities for now and future days. It focuses on three programming areas among 52 communities in the U.S and Canada namely: water, sustainability and health. The programs aim to instill knowledge, improve skills, academic success and increase partnership with organizations in the community to help the youths work well towards a better and cleaner environment. To help Earth Force, Jon Urbana has initiated a new crowd fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me, hoping to raise $1750 to support Earth Force Inc.s programs.

Jon has channeled his enthusiasm for sports into an effort to mobilize the community to raise funds in support of Earth Force Inc.s activities and thereby contributing towards a cleaner and healthier environment as well as the serene beauty of our planet. This former lacrosse player and cofounder of a lacrosse camp (that educates young lacrosse players) quite well understands the power of a team gauging from other winning fundraising campaigns such as a pet rescuing fundraiser, a community rally for 6 year old Lucy who suffered from a rare condition limiting her mobility and many other campaigns. Through these online fundraisers and his new music, Jon Urbana helps people and groups realize their dreams with help from all over the world. Some of this comes through Mr. Urbana’s Facebook page, where other comes from @jonurbana1, his Twitter handle. His website has a contact page, and Go Fund Me provides a platform that individuals can use to start any campaign by themselves and change lives with the funds they get.

Jon stated on his site that he believes in the power of the youth and the masses in making the world a better place to live in. The largest percent of the youth are active online, especially onInstagram. Therefore to tap this potential force of change like he did when the Aviation Business Gazette and Bloomberg wrote about him, Jon turned up the videos for hisCrowdrisecampaign to initiate the youth into this movement with Earth Force inc.

With his continued involvement in helping and dealing with the youth through conferences and presentations, Urbana really understands the level of commitment and care the youth show in improving the state of the environment. This course of redirecting the energy in young people to more productive activities that actually make a difference to people and the environment also helps the youth refrain from other activities that are legally and morally damaging.

Jon also writes for The Verge. Follow him there to make sure you don’t miss an article.

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