ITEC, Lead By CEO Brian Bonar, Is Making Waves In Business

Brian Bonar has been on a roll this year. The CEO of Imaging Technologies, which trades over the counter with the symbol “ITEC,” has been executing his plan to transform the digital imaging company into a services oriented one. Bonar realized that a manufacturing company could never have the kinds of margins that a service industry does. He decided on a plan that would see ITEC take over service companies that could then be integrated to sell products that ITEC manufactures. The idea is that the synergy that resulted from these takeovers could propel ITEC to the highest profit in years.

The most recent acquisition that ITEC completed was SourceOne Group. This professional employer organization serves small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia. Their customers are already used to buying PEO services, so it’s less of a challenge to move them into other sales of products or services. ITEC gets both the customer base and a team of experienced sales people when they acquire an existing company. These sales people are trusted by their customers so they can easily recommend a full suite of new services that will be well received. When Bonar compared this to the current much longer business to business sales process, he immediately realized that buying companies outright would speed up ITEC’s growth immensely.

Bonar has stated recently that he’s very happy with the progress that Imaging Technologies has made this year. The company continues to look for new companies that they may be able to make deals with. The strategy they’re working on will require finding more candidates who have the types of staff and customers they’re looking for. If they can continue to find these opportunities, there is no limit to the amount of growth that ITEC will experience. Integration is the easy part, because that’s one of the core competencies of the parent company.

Brian Bonar continue to execute on his plan, which is all any company can ask of a CEO. There’s no time for second-guessing the strategy, especially when it’s been paying off so well. ITEC is in a position to make its PEO business into an industry leader, under the leadership of Bonar. They have the staff and the infrastructure to service many more customers than they currently have. There is no chance they’ll need to slow down because of problems scaling up. ITEC will see increasingly larger profits as they convert more of their revenues to service orientation from product-based. Manufacturing carries many additional expenses over service. As time goes on, those expenses from manufacturing will become a smaller percentage of overall revenues. That means a much higher operating margin which will increase cash flow. That excess cash can be used to fund more acquisitions.

Brazilian Attorney Ricardo Tosto Brings Leadership and Innovation to Law Practice

The practice of law in Brazil is overseen by district bar associations in conjunction with The Brazilian Bar Association. As Brazil is a federal republic, these district jurisdictions span the Brazil’s 26 states and the federal district of Brazilia.
As in other countries, the most successful law firms in Brazil are led by experienced members of the legal field. Outstanding lawyers in Brazil not only engage in practice but are also involved in the adoption of legal procedures and serve as prominent members of research and political committees.
Nominated by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best Brazilian lawyers in Commercial Litigation. Ricardo Tosto, whose full name is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, is partner in one of the largest and most successful law firms in Brazil. The law firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advagadas, located in San Paulo, specializes in Banking Law, Bankruptcy, Debtor/Creditor disputes, as well as Electoral, International and Commercial Law. Tosto personally oversees the firm’s most important cases, utilizing innovative strategies to win cases and provide guidance to his staff.
One of the secret’s to Mr. Tosto’s success is his powerful litigation skills. His firm has represented many well known corporations and famous individuals. Ricardo Tosto is very involved in all aspects of his legal firm. He has mentored many of his current partners who started as interns and provides legal services to a wide range of clients, including multinationals and those of various political views. Ricardo Tosto is a founding member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research. He is also a member of the Brazilian and International Bar Associations and The Law Firms and Partnerships Research Center.
In addition to practicing law, Ricardo Tosto is an author and lecturer who shares his expertise through articles in professional journals and speaking engagements at conferences. Staring his career in a small office, Tosto’s firm is among the most respected and successful law practices in Brazil.
Regulated by The Brazilian Bar Association’s Code of Ethics and Disciple, there are many Brazilian legal firms that provide outstanding service for clients. The partnership firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advagadas is a recognized leader, providing innovative strategies in various areas of legal litigation.

Status Labs Can Save A Reputation

Status Labs is known for providing effective help in the realm of reputation management. The Austin-based company helps customers in a number of different publicity and marketing related services. While the company co-founded and run by Darius Fisher is known for aiding those whose online reputation has suffered, Status Labs provided solid help in areas related to public relations. Those hoping to deliver press releases may wish to work with a representative from the business.

And those whose reputation has been harmed are well advised to contact Status Labs. Doing so without any delay is probably the best move to make when something very negative is comes to public light.

Nothing can undermine any decent public relations campaign than extremely negative information that has turned up online. Today, any time someone wants to learn something about another person or a business, a search is performed on the internet. As long as there is no negative information in the search engine results, a devastating effect on a reputation is not likely to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, even those who live a primarily controversy-free life find their reputation harmed by factors outside of their control. The terrible situation of the Ashley Madison website hacking shows how people’s lives were upended by personal information being released to the public.

Unless deliberate steps are taken to reverse unhelpful information posted online, both a commercial enterprise and a private individual made end up suffering dramatically. Customers are not likely to patronize a business that has been involved with a messy legal situation. This is to say nothing of the effect a series of unfair bad reviews could have. Private citizens who work for major companies may find their professional career in a lot of trouble when details of a divorce or a family member’s personal troubles become public knowledge. Rather than bemoan the situation, calling Status Labs for help. Through effectively watching a search engine optimization, marketing, social media strategy, the Austin, TX service may be able to repair a reputation.

Status Labs is growing as seen by the opening of offices in New York and Brazil. The Austin headquarters have been relocated as well. Look for the company to further expand in the near future.


Every successful organization is aware of the importance of its reputation. This means that a positive reputation leads to trust and better sales while a negative reputation can significantly decrease it. However, people often have little control over the way in which they are presented on the Internet, but luckily for them, there is a team of experts, together with Darius Fisher, who can fix this.
Darius Fisher is an expert in digital crisis and the President of Status Labs. Mr. Fisher, together with his team of professionals, handles online crisis and fixes their clients reputation. He states that the majority of executives are not willing to invest in their online reputation, and this further leads to their blemished reputation. In order to avoid this, they should monitor their Internet presence and mitigate the negative impact of the press.
His job is not easy at all. First of all, changing their clients results takes a lot of researching, planning, and hard work. In order to promote new results and content, Google Search engine must be filled with new information related to the individual. The information that is included here is: personal website, press releases, social media profiles, guest articles, etc. This means that Mr. Fisher and his team do everything possible to give their clients the maximum control over what people see about them on the Internet.
Richard Branson, an English businessman, once said that you are as good as your reputation. How is this true?
A recent research has shown that 75% of buyers prefer to work with those professionals who are recommended by trusted sources while 65% think they are no sure if it is a good idea to check their references. However, reputation is of crucial importance for your brand; it is what other people think of you. So, would business freelancers recommend online reputation management to other clients? The answer is positive, and there are many reasons for believing in this.
Online reputation management includes creating social profiles, involvement in other social sites, online talent portal and a website. Furthermore, the clients website should be their primary online profile where other people will go to learn more about them. Another important factor in search engine results is On-Page Signals, and the information should be accurate. The clients profile should also include pictures because people want to know how they look like. Then, it is also important to constantly post news and other significant events.
So, if you want to have an impeccable reputation, you can rely on online reputation management and on its team of professionals who will do everything to protect your reputation.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden Talks Correcting Man Boobs

A manicured beard, a muscled physique, chiseled abs, and man boobs are surprisingly common attributes for about 15 percent of adult men. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, a top-rated plastic surgeon in Texas, this disorder can be corrected.

A large percentage of men feel their breasts are too large, and thus unmanly. This breast growth is often perceived as embarrassing, and affects the quality of life. Recreational activities such as going to swimming pools, and tanning at the beach are usually avoided, and of course the impact of this appearance often burdens men with strong psychological stress.

Board-certified in plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in body contouring techniques. The 10-year veteran is one of Texas most admired doctors, and has ascended to the top of her field. “The subject of male breasts often takes a back seat to female augmentation,” says Dr. Jennifer Walden. “Magazine articles and advertisements are typically female oriented, so the conversation about this condition is often lost, however surgery for this male disorder is very common,” adds Dr. Walden.

The Causes of Male Breasts

Gynecomastia is an atypical development of the mammary gland that results in the appearance of feminine breast. However, there are two-types of the condition that are similar in appearance, but the causes are different. Other than the abnormality of the mammary gland, it can also be attributed to a hormonal disorder. An imbalance among male testosterone hormones and female estrogen hormones can confuse the mammary glands, causing the breast tissue to enlarge. Various medications can also causes male breasts to enlarge. Frequently, males in puberty also have gynecomastia for a short period. In fact, as many as 60 percent experience this abnormality. This is due to the ‘hormonal explosion’ that occurs during that age, and the problem simply regresses after a few months.

Gynecomastia is sometimes confused with pseudo-gynecomastia, which is only an excess of fat. In this case the male breast is formed from the accumulation of fat in the pectoral area, and is typically linked to being overweight, and the genetic makeup of the adipose tissue. “Overall, the causes for the development of male breasts are diverse, but both gynecomastia and pseudo-gynecomastia can be surgically corrected,” says Dr. Walden.

The surgery is short, it takes place under local anesthesia, and the patient can go home a few hours after surgery. The procedure is done by making a tiny incision, which is thin and barely visible, thanks to the use of lasers, and removing the disc of the mammary gland, along with the excess fatty tissue.

A detailed consultation will address these issues, and just about every case has favorable results.

Global Warming Bears Its Teeth, Tahoe Skiers Take the Heat

Extreme risks and extreme weather are nothing new for those passionate about winter sports. Certainly neither is the thirst for snow. As mother nature swings her fists, however, California is taking the blow. And with drought in full swing, skiers are parched.

Like many Californians being forced to cut down on water consumption, the fickle climate, for many California ski resorts, has also become one of fiscal concern.

Many mountain locals are forecasting frowns on the perilous future. And while yes, you could say that the entire region is in a bit of a pickle…sour is not the adjective I would use to describe the guy I heard interviewed recently on KCRWs Press Play With Madeleine Brand.

In fact, this meteorologically competent, carbon footprint cognizant, ex-ranger, extreme sportster and all around thrill seeker, who also happens to be the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski holdings near Lake Tahoe, goes by the name of Andy Wirth. And on the contrary, he is quite optimistic and not unlike the weather, definitely extreme. From business to fundraising to losing one of his own extremities, recuperating and continuing to thrive, Wirth is a living example of what it means to take calculated risks, face the heat, and beat the odds.

While the interview touches on general concerns regarding drought, global warming and Californias future, principally the water shortage, its primary focus shifts more specifically to the winter sports community and how ski resorts such as Squaw Valley could be negatively impacted.

Brand poses questions such as, How [does one] ski without snow? to which Wirth gleefully responds by elaborating on the hard science of snow-making.

As Brand continues to question the economic feasibility of operating a ski resort with the impending weather conditions, Wirth maintains his optimism and delivers a well-reasoned and rather articulate argument backed in research and personal experience in the business.

Wirth explains that despite a 20% decrease in ski visits this past year, the resort was able to survive and profit even, with 4,000 of Squaw Valleys 6,000 acres still accessible to skiers which he exclaims, is pretty darn good. His confidence in Squaw Valleys potential for self-sustenance in even the dryest of circumstances is made evident throughout the interview as he obliges Brand by expounding upon his evolving business model which includes snow making, improved snow management, an increase in summer events and so forth.

What he continues to reiterate throughout the interview, though occasionally derailed by economic inquiries, are the impacts of global warming and conserving the environment–for example, by reducing our carbon footprint and transitioning to renewable energy. Wirth says, Its not just about the business side of things, its about reducing our contribution to climate.

To some, Wirths views may seem extreme, but he says its about ignoring the hype
and focusing on hard data; its about volatility, or, taking the heat and bringing the rain; its about conscious consumerism, community, legacy. Changing with the seasons, if you will.

Plus, in Wirths words,Theres [still] quite a bit of skiing to be had!

Squaw Valley resorts are scheduled to open for the upcoming ski season on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.

An Eye for Investment

Banking is a strange and amazing world. It’s been around a long time and has amassed a variety of forms and traditions. One of those forms is investment banking. Investment Banking can be a rewarding field that can provide amazing returns for investors. But how do you get those amazing returns? You have to have a keen eye either personally or you need to engage the services of a firm that has a solid eye.

Is solid eye enough? That’s a relevant question. You can have a solid eye once and that’s great but what about the next time? That’s why you need to look for track record of solid investment and return. If you can’t find that then you might as well sit around and give money to people you think look trustworthy and see what happens. The truth of the matter is that an investment banker is doing something similar. The difference is that the right banker and the right firm have analyzed the data repeatedly and have a pretty solid idea of who is and isn’t a safe bet when it comes to handing out your money. The great ones are getting more back than an apologetic shrug.

Let’s look at an example of a good investment banker. What if you could weather a major fiscal down turn by making sure you had real time market data because of you had a satellite up link pulling that data? What if your first major investment activity was capitalized by friends and family? What if one of them was your grandmother and the down turn hit while you were in this early process and you saved and grew that capital? That’s what Ken Griffin did, and he did it in his dorm room at Harvard during his sophomore year. The down turn was in 1987 and Griffin had only begun his investment practices the previous year after reading an article in Forbes. That early success let him start a second fund and by the time he graduated in 89 he was managing over a million dollars. He went on to receive an additional million from Frank Meyer of Glenwood Capital LLC and manage a seventy percent return on that money. This all happened before Ken Griffin founded Citadel his own investment firm.

This is what a great investment banker looks like. One who makes sure he has data ready and knows how the market works in order to leverage that data and keep the capital trusted to them safe. Not only do they keep that capital safe they can grown and provide return on it. Now not every investment is going to be a seventy percent return and not every investor is going to be a sophomore wonder. Every investor should be willing to go to the lengths Mr. Griffin did to protect the investment that they were trusted with.

If your investment banker isn’t doing that for you, if they aren’t willing to fight for your investment and defend it like was their own money they were tossing around, you should find a new investment banker. I hear Citadel is pretty good.

Lime Crime Your Makeup Solution

Would you want to look unapologetic? Do you love doing anything in excess? Lime crime is your solution to making a bold statement with your physical appearance. They care about how much you would love to bring out your personality through makeup and show the world who you are without having to be asked and without explaining to anyone.

Doe Deere is a fashion designer and the founder of Lime Crime. She is also known as Xenia, Dough, Doh or Xenu. Doe Deere is from Russia. She moved in to the United States in 1999 and got married there. Doe is a hardworking lady that one would admire and when she speaks you will not resist but fall in love with her sweet Russian accent. You will definitely like to converse with Xenia as she is soft spoken as well as polite.

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has its products being produced in bright and bold colors that are easily visible from a distance. They sell products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polish, and eye shadows. They all come in a variety of bright colors such as red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and pink just to mention a few. If colors can make you go crazy or wild, they are at your doorstep with all those lovely colors and you will love the varieties they have. Their colors are unusual but the beauty of it is that they are wearable and your look will surely get the crowd staring.

Wanting to create something fresh and new that makes women feel beautiful was the reason behind this makeup line. It was created from Doe Deere’s passion for having makeup that she loved to wear available. This line is definitely a trend setter when it comes to standing out from the crowd. This makeup is for every type of woman to wear and feel good about herself.

When you look good, you feel confident about yourself and thanks to the modern world of cosmetics you can look good and be confident at all times of the day. The modern technology has ensured that every person can look stunning just by the use of makeup. Lime Crime is at the front line to ensure that you look elegant by applying their assorted color varieties. It will make you look outstanding as well. Technology is on the rise everywhere and it has become part of our daily lives and we should all embrace it.

Bring out the real you by the use of Lime Crime products and you will have no regrets. Even if you aren’t a girly-girl like Doe Deere you can still come to appreciate some of the different appealing makeup from this particular line. With makeup a little bit goes a very long way and you can still shine bright.

Is Your Dog Eating a Healthy Dog Food?

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and one of the most important contributing factors to a healthy best friend is the food that you place in his bowl. Dogs tend to eat the same food for every meal, so it is extremely important that pet owners conduct some careful research before choosing from the plethora of dog grub options. Next time you are faced with this important decision, make sure that you thoroughly read the ingredients list before making a selection.
There are several important things you should keep in mind when cruising down the pet food aisle at the market. Modern dogs are omnivorous animals, which means that they should eat a balanced diet blending meat, grains, and vegetables. In order to fill vital nutritional needs, dogs should consume omega fatty acids, lean animal proteins, wholesome grains, calcium, and other key nutrients. It is preferable to find a food that lists an animal-source protein (such as beef, chicken, or lamb meat) as one of the first few ingredients so that you can be sure your pup is consuming the lean protein necessary for optimal health. Try to avoid processed grains and artificial flavor or coloring. As a general rule of thumb, the fewer processed ingredients the better. An over-processed dog food can lead to unpleasant health issues such as weight gain and digestive problems. Keep you and your dog happy by finding a food with real proteins, veggies, and wholesome grains from trustworthy companies such as Beneful on Amazon.
When it comes to naturally beneficial dog food, Beneful has Fido covered. The dog food powerhouse offers eight kinds of dry food and twenty wet foods, with a diversity sure to please even the pickiest pup palate. Dogs are sure to love the pleasing textures of their foods, from the moist wet foods to the crunchy dry options, and owners will enjoy knowing that their dog is getting a healthy meal made up of lean protein, wholesome grains, and vitamin-rich vegetables. Beneful has extremely strict quality standards and uses unprocessed ingredients in their dog foods, which are all produced here in the USA.
The dog food aisle at your local pet store can be intimidating, but it’s a pet owner’s responsibility to select a healthy and balanced food for a canine pal. Remember that your best friend’s health is in your hands and choose wisely!

Stephen Murray, A Private Equity Expert Passes Away

Private equity and venture capital are two driving forces in the US economy that give businesses that may be finding the going tough, a chance to thrive and build with the funding they’re given. Investment banks or privately owned firms can fund businesses through private equity and sometimes conduct what is known as a leveraged buyout, where they buy a business or a majority holding of one using debt funds and seek to get a solid return on the buyout. One company that has made successful leveraged buyouts over the years has been Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a private equity firm founded in 2007.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital first got into the private equity markets back in the 1980s when he worked as a credit analyst for Manufacturers Hanover Bank in New York City, managing client assets and becoming introduced to leveraged buyouts. Murray seemed to know just where the right investments in the private equities markets were as he became vice president of operations in the middle market lending division. He became head of the leveraged-finance business in the bank as it passed through three mergers, finally to be bought by JP Morgan where it conducted business in a joint venture with the bank.

Things went well for the first 6 years in Murray’s division, but after making a major purchase of Warner Chilcott, JP Morgan had to part ways with the business due to some resentment by a client company that had also been interested in purchasing Warner Chilcott. But Murray had said that this move may have been the best thing that happened between CCMP, the new name for the leveraged-finance business, and JP Morgan as now they could each do business but look out for their own interests. CCMP took off quickly in the private equities markets, having no trouble attracting investors and investing in a wide variety of companies in the retail, energy, healthcare and industrial sectors. Their initial fundraiser was $3.4 billion in 2007, but that was topped by $3.6 billion just last year, making CCMP Capital one of the largest private equity firms in the world.

Tragically, Murray had to resign from his position as CEO of CCMP after he suffered some health problems this last spring, and shortly thereafter he passed away. CCMP has appointed his friend and fellow entrepreneur Greg Brenneman to succeed him, along with Chief Operating Officer Tim Walsh. CCMP will look to continue in the vision that Murray had for the company.

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